Zurich With Kids


This review starts with a big high five to Shruti who made her first flight solo with three kids in tow. Here she shares her review of a quick trip to Zurich, Switzerland staying at the B2 Boutique Hotel & Spa...

This April I was incredibly proud of myself, travelling on my own with Arianna (6), Anushka (4) and Niam (6 months) to visit my husband who often works in Zurich.

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5 Best Gadgets For Family Travel

Summer’s here (well in the northern hemisphere anyway) and I’m sure many of you are jetting off for a family holiday. Packing can be an overwhelming task, especially for the first time parent.  My advice is to print off a packing list and work through it methodically.  In terms of gear, there’s an overwhelming amount of family travel gadgets on the market, half of which sound promising but are only likely to get used on a handful of occasions.  

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10 Family Friendly Activities in London

Girls visiting Buckingham Palace

I was recently asked by GoEuro to name my favourite European destination for family holiday. I couldn’t resist suggesting my hometown of London which is quite frankly the best city in the world! To read more about my tips on London and other top destinations including Amsterdam and the Lake District, check out out this post on GoEuro..

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Review Of The UK’s Strength Sanctuary

Every now and again we like to post a ‘No Kids’ review.  Whether that’s a romantic anniversary celebration or a trip to a health spa, we all need some time out from the kids every now and then. Jetlag & Mayhem was lucky enough to test out The Strength Sanctuary in Kent, a residential fitness and yoga retreat for women.  

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Educational Travel Toy Review – Zoom Kids

I’m one of those annoying parents who is always trying to limit screen time for my kids. It’s a bit hypocritical as I’m a phone addict, although I am trying to wean myself off it and set a good example. Thus when an online educational toy store Zoom Kids asked if I would check out some of their games, I was DELIGHTED.

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