Luxury In New Orleans: The Windsor Court Review

Louisiana - views of the Missippi

New Orleans has a magic atmosphere and I really wanted that to be reflected in my hotel choice.  It was the first stop on our Louisiana road trip and I was prepared to splurge (within moderation) on a hotel in a great location, with a large bedroom and full of character.  My other priority was a decent swimming pool.  

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Louisiana Roadtrip Part 1: Family Fun In New Orleans

What better way to start our Louisiana roadtrip than landing in the magnificent city of New Orleans. ‘The Big Easy’ serves up fun from all angles, whether it’s gazing at the awesome floats at the Mardi Gras Museum to sipping on daiquiris on Bourbon Street.  New Orleans is also a food lovers heaven, from its world famous beignets to high end Louisiana fusion cuisine.

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Longhaul to Louisiana! USA Roadtrip 2015

Getting to Louisiana from Hong Kong is no easy feat.  Traveling with young kids longhaul is no easy feat.  However, we decided to make the first bit of our longhaul journey slightly more bearable by flying in the lap of luxury that is Cathay Pacific’s business class.  How do we do it?  As members of the Marco Polo & Avios frequent flyer clubs I make sure that everyone in the family banks up all their air miles.  

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Louisiana Roadtrip!

Having ticked a large portion of Western USA off our list, we decided this was the year to branch out and experience America’s Deep South.  When planning our US road trips, I have a strange sort of rule that I don’t really allow us to go out of the chosen state.  This astonishes my American friends, who can’t believe we would fill an entire fortnight in certain states.   

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How to plan a US Road Trip

Longstanding readers of Jetlag & Mayhem (aka my family) will know that every year we embark on a US Road Trip. Our aim is to eat our way across America.

We have been doing road trips for years, even before Mesdames Jetlag & Mayhem showed up. Having kids hasn’t got in the way of our US travel habit (Canada also sneaks in there every now and again).

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