March in Morzine: A Family Ski Trip In The Alps!

When you learn to ski as an adult it can be hard to overcome ‘the fear’ and become a demon on the slopes.  I learnt to ski in my mid 20s in the unsnowy mountains of Borovets in Bulgaria.  I didn’t love it and I resented all the small children in ski school who would whizz passed me without a care in the world.

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Family Travel In Europe With FlyBe

This post is written in association with Flybe

I was recently back in my hometown of London and catching up with friends. They were filling me in on all their recent minibreaks and holidays around Europe and I felt quite jealous of all the great places you can access from London. Having lived in Hong Kong for the past 7 years, my kids are spoiled through their visits to SE Asia.

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Flying With Kids – The Virgin Review


For any of you planning to fly the HK-London route, here is my latest review of Virgin’s economy offering.  We fly this route several times a year and I’ve found Virgin is usually the cheapest between the direct flight competitors of Cathay Pacific, British Airways and Virgin.

If you are choosing between these airlines for this particular route then there’s really not much in it, in terms of product.

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Up & Away Multiple Passport Holder Review

As a travel blogger, I do get some interesting bits & bobs.  Some of it utterly useless (I don’t write about those) but some of it utterly BRILLIANT.  Case in point the Up & Away multiple passport holder. Ever since I started flying with kids, I have been lugging around several passport holders. It never even occurred to me that it would be sensible to find a multiple passport holder.

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What kind of travel parent are you?

Despite dishing out the travel advice, I often find myself looking enviously at other parents sauntering effortlessly through airports.  Have you spied any of these types? Where do you reckon you fit in?


You’ll find her in wedges, white jeans (no stains on her), immaculately glossy hair with a couple of glossy kids in tow.

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