5 Best Museums For Kids On Hong Kong Island

The weather in Hong Kong has been terrible this year. If it’s not cold it’s raining. So what better way to escape the great outdoors than to check out some of Hong Kong’s cultural hotspots.  There are more than 30 museums in Hong Kong although a large portion won’t interest kids in the slightest (don’t make the mistake of dragging your kids around the Dr Sun-Yat Sen Museum).  

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Seoul With Kids!

What I love most about Kirti’s reviews, is the stunning photography.  Here she shares her tips from a recent visit to Seoul, Korea in mid April.  She visited South Korea’s capital with her husband and daughter.  Unfortunately they underestimated how cold it (freezing at night with a cold wind) was and her husband ended up falling sick.

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All-Inclusive Idyllic French Getaway At La Ferme Du Cayla

Jetlag & Mayhem is very excited today to share a sneak preview (ahead of our August review) into La Ferme du Cayla, an idyllic all-inclusive French getaway WITH FANTASTIC CHILDCARE OPTIONS!

This is for all you folks who love a beautiful European holiday with your family but also appreciate the chance for some parental time out.  

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5 Of The Best Kids Wheeled Suitcases

urban baby zoo little kid luggage

My 4.5 year old turned to me this morning and said ‘I want a proper suitcase to wheel the next time we fly’.  Up until now I have never let her bring her own wheeled suitcase.  It can be a real pain if your child decides halfway across the airport that they don’t want to wheel it and so I usually make her wear a backpack.  

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A Visit To London’s Kidzania

Over easter we returned to the motherland aka London and had a great time exploring attractions such as the RAF Museum and Willows Farm.  But if you were to ask my children what their favourite activity was, without a doubt they would shout from the rooftops, ‘KidZania’!  We visited with my sister and our three girls age 7, 5 and 4.  

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