Food For Kids In Central & South America

Fruit Stand

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Finding family-friendly activities and managing the logistics of family travel is enough work on its own.

When it comes to mealtime on your Central American vacation, you’ll be dealing with some new and unfamiliar foods.

Hopefully you have an adventurous eater along for the ride. But in case you don’t, the following tips should make trying new foods enjoyable for your kids.

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Hand Luggage Essentials For Us + Them

I’m finally passed the point of lugging around bottles, formula, food pouches etc.  That doesn’t mean I’ve returned to the days of packing moisturiser and Evian spritz for those longhaul flights.  My bag is still crammed with essential items for a 6 and 3 yo.  On a recent short flight I realised I had become a bit too complacent with my hand luggage packing and had forgotten to pack kid’s medicine.

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Kyoto With Young Kids

A trip to Japan wouldn’t be complete without a visit to the ancient capital, Kyoto.  I used to live in Japan and have fond memories of spending a snowy Christmas down in Kyoto on the hunt for a real life geisha.  For my friend Heidi, who will be departing Asia next year, it was a chance to tick one off the neverending bucket list!  

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10 Ways To Tell You’re On A Hotel Break… With Kids

  1. Pictures of the resort you’ve booked are making you anxious.  Will they have a baby cot available?  Have you made a mistake traveling somewhere so nice with kids?
  2. Rather than gasping in awe at your luxurious hotel room and taking a moment to relax, you’re immediately moving things around and childproofing it.
  3. The buffet breakfast is the opposite of relaxing – endless trips to the buffet (for the kids, never for you), constantly preventing spillages and tantrums, glancing enviously at the honeymoon couples who are quietly reading the newspaper (why are they even at the buffet at 6.45am, surely they should be in bed?!)
  4. You’ve had breakfast and you’re by the pool and IT’S STILL ONLY 7AM.  
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Tips On Visiting Hoi An With Kids

Hoi An - Sandal Heaven

Hoi An is a beautiful old town set along Vietnam’s central coast.  The closest airport is in Da Nang (approx. 30 minutes drive away) and there are now direct international flights from HK, KL, Busan, Macau, Seoul, Singapore, Siem Reap, Tokyo and mainland China.

This is the perfect place to visit if you like your beach with a side of culture.  

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