Tips On Visiting Peppa Pig World, UK

Let’s face it, what child isn’t a fan of Peppa Pig.  If you live in the UK, chances are, visiting Peppa Pig World will be somewhere on the agenda.  I managed to escape a visit as my father in law offered to take the kids (thanks Barry).  However, Frankie braved it and shares her tips below:
If your little ones are obsessed with Peppa Pig (and our two year old is a big fan), then you might consider a trip to Peppa Pig world, which is part of Paulton’s Park in the New Forest.
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What kind of travel parent are you?

Despite dishing out the travel advice, I often find myself looking enviously at other parents sauntering effortlessly through airports.  Have you spied any of these types? Where do you reckon you fit in?


You’ll find her in wedges, white jeans (no stains on her), immaculately glossy hair with a couple of glossy kids in tow.

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Destination Ideas With Thomas Cook Flights


When I was asked to write a post in association with Thomas Cook Flights, I genuinely had no idea they flew to so many places.  Apparently they have 31 planes, fly from 20 airports in the UK to over 60 destinations!  So I’ve picked my top 5 destinations for 2015:

Zante, Greece

The last time I went to Zante, I was 18 years old with a gaggle of girlfriends getting up to mischief.

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Five Star in Tenerife – Review of the Abama

Abama - beach 2

My friend Shruti is a luxury travel nut.  Read on for her post on a trip to the Abama Golf & Spa Resort in Tenerife.  Tenerife is an island within the Spanish Canary Islands, a popular choice for winter sun.  If you’re looking for sunbathing weather then go between May to November with Jul/Aug/Sep being the hottest months.

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Holidaying in the UK – Must Have Items

A 99 ice cream by the seaside

It’s Friday which means it’s time for a bit of fun. This is my entry post into the UK holiday must-haves competition.  Basically things that I think you need to take when holidaying in the UK.  Having spent every summer down in Dorset, I’m basing this list on things I would take on a good old British seaside break…

Cornwall at its finest


  1. Umbrella, I don’t want to sound pessimistic but you have to be prepared
  2. Welly boots (thanks to Peppa Pig for making splashing about in muddy puddles acceptable!)
  3. Ordnance survey map and compass.
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