Review Of The Fly LegsUp Flight Hammock

Exciting news from Jetlag & Mayhem HQ today with a tale of a product that can help you get to sleep more comfortably on a flight!  Last year you will have read about the game changer that was the Fly-Tot Inflatable Flight Cushion.  I am still a fan for my 4 year old but my 7 year old’s legs are now that bit too long to make it comfortable for laying down.  

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Tips For Planning A US Roadtrip

Longstanding readers of Jetlag & Mayhem will know that every year we embark on a US Road Trip, choosing a state at random. Our aim is to eat our way across America.  This year we are hitting up Wisconsin, the land of cheese and beer.  

We have been doing road trips for years, even before Mesdames Jetlag & Mayhem showed up. 

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With summer holidays finally upon us, soaring temperatures with intermittent downpours mean indoor options are hugely welcome.  Located on Level 3 of the Peak’s Galleria shopping mall is Hong Kong’s very own ‘Trick Eye’ Museum. I had last visited a Trick Eye Museum on a press trip to Chiang Mai about 3 years ago.  At first we were all a bit sceptical, wondering what on earth we were doing somewhere with strange paintings on the wall.  

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Norwegian Roadtrip: Fjords And all

Norway Pancake

Last year my sister and her husband escaped to Reykjavik for a wintry kid-free break to see the Northern Lights.  This year they wanted to try out Scandinavia in the sunshine, and headed to Norway for a four-night break.

Planning the trip

We wanted relaxation, fun driving, and beautiful scenery.  A bit of research online showed that the Juvet Landscape Hotel, and the nearby Trollstigen could offer us both.

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How To Stay Happy On A Family Holiday!

I’m almost certain there should be a different word for ‘holiday’ once you’ve had babies.  Pre-kids my ‘holiday’ would consist of sleeping late, reading, eating, drinking, pounding the streets of a beautiful city or debating whether to hit the pool or beach.  Nowadays we are first in line at the breakfast buffet, packing a book is an afterthought and evenings are spent tiptoeing around a darkened hotel room.

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