12 Essentials For Comfort On A Longhaul Flight

I was recently out for dinner with a friend who had never heard of Seat Guru. She was moaning about how many flights she needed to take to get from Melbourne to Cuba and wished she knew what seat to book on each plane.  I was incredulous that despite all her globetrotting she’d never stumbled across this incredibly useful website.

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Today’s post is brought to you in association with Turquoise Holidays. Read on for some Asia vacation inspiration!

If there is one continent in the world that is guaranteed to awaken your child’s senses, enrich their cultural beliefs and values and send Pokémon running for the hills, it’s Asia. In just a week or two, this multi-dimensional melting pot of smells, tastes, lifestyle and nature will turn their world upside down and feed their imagination more than anywhere else on earth.

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Lightweight Travel Cot Review: Phil&Teds Traveller

Assembling the travel cot used to be the bane of my existence.  I had one travel cot that nearly took my finger off (turned out it was faulty) and another that practically collapsed after an hour’s use (mother-in-law bought that at a car boot sale).  Then there was the time I spent an hour assembling a tent like travel cot, complete with poles that could take your eye out if you weren’t careful.  

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Wisconsin Roadtrip: A Night In Sheboygan

The final leg of our Wisconsin roadtrip had us head south from the beautiful Door County towards Sheboygan and then finally Chicago O’Hare.  Enroute from Door County we indulged in a spot of ‘dark tourism’, stopping off briefly in Manitowoc to see the County Jail & Courthouse.  This won’t mean anything to you unless you’ve watched the documentary ‘Making A Murderer’ which follows events in the area.

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Door County – The Majestic Cape Cod Of The Midwest

Have you ever visited somewhere on a roadtrip and marvelled just how perfect it was, exactly what you had been searching for in your months of preparation. When I was first planning our Wisconsin roadtrip, so many people suggested the Door County region, which lies on a 70 mile long peninsula between Green Bay and Lake Michigan.

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