Cupcakes From Citrus Sweets: Verdict ‘Outstanding’

Citrus Sweets

A bit of an aside today as I’m not going to talk about travel but about cake.  I’m also going to proclaim that these are THE BEST CUPCAKES IN HONG KONG.  Did that get your attention?

As you might have realised, kind people often send me things to try.  This week I hit the jackpot when Citrus Sweets asked if they could send me some cakes.

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Preparing For A Longhaul Flight With Young Kids

Flying without kids

Remember the old days when you could have a Bloody Mary, watch 4 movies, pop a magic pill and fall into a gentle slumber on the plane? Yes that’s me on the left…

Those days are long gone but you can still try your hardest to enjoy (!) flying longhaul with your kids. The more relaxed you are as a parent, the more relaxing your flight will be.

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Holiday Gift Buying Guide: The Travel Edition

Frantically rushing about buying gifts for your nearest and dearest?  Here are my picks for some awesome travel related goodies.  If you’re considering kids luggage then please check out my previous post.

For a cute little baby

A cuddly airplane!  It even makes a jet take-off sounds when you squeeze it. – USD $9.99 + shipping

For those kids whose holiday plans involve a flight

Usborne Airport Sticker book – GBP 4.99 + shipping

For Lego obsessives

Lego City Airport Cargo Terminal – GBP 65 + shipping

For those living in Hong Kong and sending gifts overseas

Personalised Hong Kong placemats from the amazing Lion Rock Press – great value and lightweight so easy to post.

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Croatia With Kids: A Trip to Split & Zadar

Sun Salutation Zadar - shrink
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6 Things That Annoy Me In A Hotel Room

When you’re staying at a luxury hotel, it should be a pleasure. It shouldn’t be an exercise in annoyance and journey into bad hygiene.  Yesterday I asked ‘what’s the first thing you do when you go into a hotel room?’  For me, it’s a race to check if there are any hairs on the pillow (a legacy of having spent many years living in hotels as a business traveler).  I got some great responses from readers including ‘have a gin & tonic from the minibar’, ‘peel back the mattress cover and look for bed bugs’ and ‘check all the drawers, even if I don’t use them’.

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