10 Tips To Keep You Healthy On Vacation

Healthy travel snacks

We are off to Sri Lanka tonight.  It’s all very exciting as it’s a new destination for our family. Which has meant I’ve actually had to do an element of planning when it comes to staying healthy on our trip.

  1. Check what vaccinations you need in advance. The Center for Disease Control & Prevention has a comprehensive website detailing what you need per country/area.
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Jetlag & Mayhem 2014 Travel Awards!

Welcome to the 2014 Jetlag & Mayhem Travel Awards.  An awards ceremony made up entirely by me. Here we celebrate the travel year that was 2014…

Best airline

After American Airlines twice cancelled my LAX-ABQ booking I decided it was time to move on and find a different airline.  Enter Southwest, the world’s first Low Cost Carrier!

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with love jetlag & mayhem

Ever headed to the airport and realised you’d forgotten your passport? Left it to the last-minute to organise your visa? There’s a ton of admin that always needs to be done before you jet off.  Here’s my checklist – print it out and tick off all your tasks.  No excuses for forgetting to buy that travel insurance….

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Affordable & Family Friendly: HK’s Cosmopolitan Hotel

I often get asked for recommendations on where people should stay in Hong Kong.  However, Hong Kong can be a pricey city for accommodation and if you’re traveling with the kids in tow, things can get even more expensive! A favourite of mine to recommend is the Cosmopolitan which is located about 10 minutes from where I live.  I’m in no way affiliated to this hotel (although I should be, given the amount of business I refer!).

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Overcoming a fear of flying through the power of EFT

Airplane Sky

I wanted to repost this as I met a lovely lady the other day who is scared of flying.  I had this session a few years back and it has made a big difference to my fear of flying (yes I know, what idiot travel blogger hates flying).  I’ve flown more than 20 times this year and I have felt pretty good, including the time on the Vietnam Airlines propellor plane where the passenger in front questioned the stewardess about how much experience the captain had…

My 2013 resolution was to get over my fear of flying.

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