Things To Do in St. Augustine, Florida With Kids

On scrolling through my Instagram feed a friend remarked ‘only you could arrive in Florida and start sightseeing rather than get straight to a theme park’.  I totally understand. When you think Florida, the first thing that springs to mind is Disney and beaches. However the city of St. Augustine is well worth the few hours drive North of Orlando.

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Flying Premium Economy on Cathay Pacific

Have you ever had one of those flights where you get off and the whole family thinks, yup we nailed that.  That was our experience of flying Hong Kong to Los Angeles LAX on CX880.  We all slept, we were all comfortable, we all watched TV and disembarked in a relatively good mood. That was until we hit the car hire…

Now I put a lot of this down to the fact we were in Cathay’s Premium Economy.

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Getting to Florida From Hong Kong

The Sunshine State of Florida sits at a whopping 14,000+ km from Hong Kong.  Not your natural choice for a two-week break from the Far East due to the crazy distance but we were determined to embark on the Disneyworld pilgrimage.  Unsurprisingly there’s no direct Hong Kong to Orlando flight.  We had a few options depending on the airline and where possible try to pick the Asian carriers over those delightful US airlines.  

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Planning The Great Florida-Georgia-South Carolina Roadtrip!

Whilst bobbing along Lake Michigan on 2016’s Wisconsin/Chicago adventure, Mr Jetlag & I started thinking about the next trip.

‘Wouldn’t Tennessee be cool?’

‘Absolutely. I can picture it now. Nashville, Great Smoky Mountains…’

‘Plus the BBQ is supposed to be amazing’

‘Hang on though. Don’t you think we should probably do Disneyworld now? While the girls are still young enough to think it’s magical?

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Review Of The Constellation Universal Cabin Case

I was recently on a trip with four different airlines, each with different cabin baggage rules.  This created a lot of frustration and uncertainty; I nearly went out and bought yet more cabin bags! If only, I had known about The Constellation Universal Cabin Case.  This is exactly what it says – a cabin case that can be used on almost any airline.  
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