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Hello you.  Hope you don’t mind me asking for a vote.  The Oscars of the blogging world are coming up and I would love a nomination.

It is very easy to do.  Far easier than the bribery that took place to get Ms. Mayhem to hold this.

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Kids Swimwear Review: Elly La Fripouille!

If you asked your ballet mad 3 year old to design a swimsuit, it would probably look a little something like this…

Yes, that’s a UVA protective swimsuit WITH a little tutu. All thanks to the gorgeous French kids swimwear brand Elly La Fripouille.  Oh those French people, always so fashionable, non?  We tested out a one piece swimsuit and swim shirt on a recent trip to Vietnam and here’s what we thought:

What’s good…

  • Stylish designs ranging from one piece swimsuits to rash vests.
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Australia Family Roadtrip – Perth, Rottnest & Margaret River

Perth - Caversham 1

I am in the midst of planning our adventure to Australia’s Margaret River next February.  As usual I was a bit bewildered by all the accommodation options available and unsure of how to put our itinerary together (this always happens, then I get struck by a thunderbolt and somehow it all works). Luckily I had two excellent resources to hand.  

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My Asia Travel Bucket List

Having lived in Asia for the past ten years, I’ve had the chance to visit so many wonderful places. From the mountain town of Takayama to the bright lights of Taipei, Asia offers up a seemingly limitless pool of destinations.  Inevitably we will return home to London at some point (although no fixed plan yet mum if you’re reading!)

I’ve put together an Asian travel bucket list that I will try to work my way through.  

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FAQ: How do I help my child to go to sleep on a plane?!

Sorry to tell you that there is no magic solution to help get your child to fall asleep on the plane. Every child is different and indeed every flight is different! I can see you all nodding your head along and thinking back to that revolting flight you had with a child who refused to sleep a wink until you came in to land. 

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