I Need Your Help Dear Reader!

Hello lovely readers.  It’s time to ask for your vote again.  In case you haven’t realised it’s awards season and this is my equivalent of begging the Academy for an oscar nod.

Jetlag & Mayhem has been shortlisted for a BiB Award – oh yes that means Brilliance in Blogging. Whilst I can’t confirm I am indeed Brilliant in Blogging, I can tell you why you should feel sorry and give me your vote:

  1. I am flying longhaul tonight solo with Madames Jetlag & Mayhem (that’s 12 loooong hours from London to Hong Kong)
  2. I am in the middle of potty training my two year old who so far is proving to be totally useless but defiantly wants to wear knickers. How this will translate in the airport and on the plane I don’t know.
  3. I have eaten so much food in London that I have doubled in size and have started my diet. Which means I can’t comfort eat my way to happiness on my longhaul flight.  Grrrr……
  4. Flying East means an absolute shocker when it comes to jetlag.
  5. My darling husband is also headed to the airport with us. But he’s on a different airline AND at the front of the plane.  How annoying is that!  What I would do for 12 hours of peace and quiet on my own in economy!

So what do you say?  Vote for me in the best travel category and cheer me up a bit?



  1. Vanessa Jane Holburn

    Well done on the nomination (I’m also there under health and am thrilled). I feel your pain for the long-haul flight. I used to live in Hong Kong – but not when I had the kids. The furthest we’ve gone is to Dubai, they were ok and slept a lot, but I didn’t, which meant I was utterly exhausted when we landed – and far too weak to be left in charge of two other people! See you at BritMums Live!

    1. Nicola

      Thanks for dropping by – where in HK did you used to live?

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