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Where is Sanya

I’m currently holidaying on the Chinese island of Sanya aka the Hawaii of China.  It’s a funny old place with beautiful beaches and luxurious big name hotel chains but you can’t escape the fact that you are on a tropical island with a twist.  One of the biggest ‘twists’ besides some sightly surly service (thankfully not at my resort) is Chinese censorship and lack of access to sites like Facebook and Twitter.  Whilst on holiday, there is nothing wrong with this, in fact I welcome the thought of being able to switch off technology and spend time reading or playing with the kids.  In this age of iphones, iPads and wifi everywhere, how do you switch off on holiday?  Do you avoid checking your work mail?  Do you spend time surfing the net?  

Sanya Internet

As I look around me – I’m on the mac, hubby’s on iphone and kids are ensconced in front of the iPad. But…  it is 6.30am (too early for breakfast buffet) and I am quite enjoying this alone time with my blog.  Despite this particular early morning technical onslaught, my general rules for the holiday are that we don’t bring out the ipad for the rest of the day and limit our checking of work email and aimless internet.  Instead I try to pick up a book, hang out with the kids, go old school with a game of cards and have a conversation.

That said, I know you’re thinking ‘how come she’s sitting on her computer then’? Well… one of the main reasons I wanted to check my social media channels this morning was to see who won the Best Travel category in the UK’s 2013 MAD Blog Awards!  I’m almost certain it wasn’t me… but do me a favour, if you know who won, please send me an email telling me!  Make sure to also follow them on twitter and send them some congratulations.

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  1. Natalie | One Busy WAHM

    It saddens me that countries still have censorship like this, but yay for getting some great downtime and enjoying family life!

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