Please Vote for Jetlag & Mayhem!

Hello you.  Hope you don’t mind me asking for a vote.  The Oscars of the blogging world are coming up and I would love a nomination.

It is very easy to do.  Far easier than the bribery that took place to get Ms. Mayhem to hold this.

  • Click on the link below


  • Then add your email and put for ‘Blog of the year’.
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7 Reasons Why I Love Being A Travel Blogger

I was recently asked how long I have been blogging about family travel. I was amazed when I realised it’s been over three years, initially on an informal blogspot site and over the past two years on my more professional (ish!) wordpress site.  Bloggers will know it’s hard not to let blogging take over your life e.g.

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Jetlag & Mayhem 2014 Travel Awards!

Welcome to the 2014 Jetlag & Mayhem Travel Awards.  An awards ceremony made up entirely by me. Here we celebrate the travel year that was 2014…

Best airline

After American Airlines twice cancelled my LAX-ABQ booking I decided it was time to move on and find a different airline.  Enter Southwest, the world’s first Low Cost Carrier!  

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Ladies & Gentlemen.. The World Airline Awards!

The Oscars of the airline world have been announced with good old Cathay Pacific winning World’s Best Airline.  I am a regular flyer with Cathay and am just a teeny tiny bit surprised that there isn’t a better airline out there.  Don’t get me wrong, the service level is top notch and the planes are usually very clean.  

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I Need Your Help Dear Reader!

Hello lovely readers.  It’s time to ask for your vote again.  In case you haven’t realised it’s awards season and this is my equivalent of begging the Academy for an oscar nod.

Jetlag & Mayhem has been shortlisted for a BiB Award – oh yes that means Brilliance in Blogging. Whilst I can’t confirm I am indeed Brilliant in Blogging, I can tell you why you should feel sorry and give me your vote:

  1. I am flying longhaul tonight solo with Madames Jetlag & Mayhem (that’s 12 loooong hours from London to Hong Kong)
  2. I am in the middle of potty training my two year old who so far is proving to be totally useless but defiantly wants to wear knickers.
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