Travelling to Florida on a budget? Here’s how to save some money

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Given how popular Florida is among tourists, you might assume that taking your own trip there would be quite a pricey endeavour. However, it doesn’t strictly need to be – as long as you plan that sojourn cleverly. From booking the hotel through to travelling between attractions in the Sunshine State, you can save money at various stages – here are some examples of how.

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Signs You Need To Take A Break!

So, how do you know when you seriously NEED a break?

We all know how important it is when you have a cold or flu to just take a day off to recover and get yourself back to your usual self. So why is it so unnatural to take a break when you’re mentally-fatigued and your stress levels are shooting through the roof?

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Sightseeing Singapore Aboard The DUCKtour!

Have you ever been on a ‘Duck Tour’? I don’t mean roaming the wetlands, binoculars in hand, seeking out birds. I’m referring to sightseeing the city aboard a strange contraption that can drive from land into the water. Which indeed makes it one of the more fun ways to tour the city! In Singapore, these ‘Ducks’ are actually refurbished WWII amphibious vehicles from Vietnam. 

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How To Beat Jetlag

I recently had some houseguests with me here in Singapore who had just flown up from Perth. They arrived early evening and I fussed around them, offering up water, telling them they should get some fresh air and to try to stay awake till at least 10pm.  I was trying to ward off the perils of jet lag until my friend kindly reminded me there is absolutely no time difference between Perth, Australia and Singapore!

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Jetlag & Mayhem’s 2017 Travel Year In Review

Wow, what a year 2017 has been for my travels and I.  Unlike people who nonchalantly book things at last-minute, I usually have a full year of travel planned, to take advantages of public holidays, air miles and cheap deals. However even by my standards 2017 was more jam-packed than ever due to a significant life event.

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