Luxury Villa In Nai Harn, Phuket

For the past 5 Christmases, we have decided to meet up with our family in Thailand (we are based in HK and they are in the UK). Rather than stay in a hotel, we opt for a villa as it tends to be cheaper, offers relaxing communal areas and is easy to put napping children to bed while you hang out by the pool.

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Beach Bliss At The Holiday Inn Resort Phi Phi Island

If you’re looking for paradise beaches in Phuket you may be disappointed. However, the neighbouring island of Phi Phi (2 hours by ferry from Phuket) will offer up powder sand and turquoise sea.  My sister-in-law recently returned from a 6 night stay at the Holiday Inn Resort Phi Phi and shares her tips for a stay at this laid-back resort.

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5 Fun Family Friendly Activities In Bali

Considering a Bali trip? This Indonesian island offers a great summer sun alternative when summer monsoons loom over much of South East Asia.  The island is home numerous accommodation and vacation options, whether you want to learn to surf in Kuta, explore the rice paddies and forests of Ubud or even hike up a volcano. In addition to hotels there are loads of family friendly villas in Bali – many including a chef and driver to make your stay that bit more luxurious!

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2017 Asia Travel Bucket List

Sometimes I feel as if I have a never-ending travel bucket list. Each year I finish off with a blog post about how next year I’m determined to visit X, Y and Z. Yet I never seem to be able to tick them off. I don’t think it’s because my choices are too out-there (save for the Antarctic boat trip).
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Today we visit my old hometown (well for 3 years anyway) of Tokyo and the temple-tastic Kyoto.  A huge thanks to Kirti for her review. The stunning photography is testament to her professional skills, please visit her FB Page for more of her amazing photos!

We (my husband, 3.7 yr old daughter and I) visited Tokyo and Kyoto in Japan during the mid term break and it was such a glorious trip.

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