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Planning The Great Florida-Georgia-South Carolina Roadtrip!

Whilst bobbing along Lake Michigan on 2016’s Wisconsin/Chicago adventure, Mr Jetlag & I started thinking about the next trip.

‘Wouldn’t Tennessee be cool?’

‘Absolutely. I can picture it now. Nashville, Great Smoky Mountains…’

‘Plus the BBQ is supposed to be amazing’

‘Hang on though. Don’t you think we should probably do Disneyworld now? While the girls are still young enough to think it’s magical?

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Jetlag and Kids: 10 Top Tips

Jetlagged kids… we’ve all been through it.  Whether it’s trying to settle a wide awake baby at 2am or sticking your toddler in front of the TV at 5am while you get some much needed sleep.  Either way it’s not fun.  However, don’t let it stop you from planning your trip of a lifetime.  Here are my top tips for dealing with jetlag:

  1. KNOW what you’re in for.  
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How To Plan The Perfect Roadtrip

I definitely think I have a problem. The moment I’m on the flight home from our annual roadtrip, I’m already plotting the next destination. This year we had an epic adventure through Chicago and Wisconsin. We chose Wisconsin as we had visited Louisiana in 2015 and wanted a slightly different culture/landscape to mix things we up.

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Tips For Planning A US Roadtrip

Longstanding readers of Jetlag & Mayhem will know that every year we embark on a US Road Trip, choosing a state at random. Our aim is to eat our way across America.  This year we are hitting up Wisconsin, the land of cheese and beer.  

We have been doing road trips for years, even before Mesdames Jetlag & Mayhem showed up. 

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Childcare Abroad – A ‘Live-In’ Holiday Nanny In South-West France

My sister-in-law is currently living it up at the amazing Sani Resort in Greece.  Not only do they have creche facilities for babies but there’s a Kids Club for those age 4 and up.  Even better, the room that they happened to book includes 3 hours of babysitting per day. Which means they truly are having a holiday!

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