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Flying Premium Economy on Cathay Pacific

Have you ever had one of those flights where you get off and the whole family thinks, yup we nailed that.  That was our experience of flying Hong Kong to Los Angeles LAX on CX880.  We all slept, we were all comfortable, we all watched TV and disembarked in a relatively good mood. That was until we hit the car hire…

Now I put a lot of this down to the fact we were in Cathay’s Premium Economy.

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Is Cathay Premium Economy Worth It?

Is it worth the extra to splurge to Premium Economy on a longhaul flight?  Of course prices and quality vary between airline but on Cathay Pacific, a Premium Economy fare can amount to double the Economy price.  Therefore the decision really depends on the length of your upcoming journey and how much cash you’re willing to splash.  

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Cathay Pacific Business Class Review: Hong Kong to Chicago

Champers ✔   Flat Bed  ✔   Delicious garlic bread ✔   Linen tablecloth ✔   No need for valium ✔

Let me tell you, longhaul Cathay Pacific Business class is awesome.

Now regular readers will know that I am 99% found at the very back of the plane.  Which is absolutely fine but once a year we splurge all our hard-earned airmiles and upgrade from Premium Economy to Business Class.

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Is Premium Economy Worth The Extra Cash?

Is Premium Economy worth the cash?  The eternal dilemma faced by those pondering longhaul travel. I recently used airmiles to upgrade a round trip economy flight to Premium on Cathay Pacific.  This is a long, boring flight (12 hours), made particularly more arduous by the fact my return was a day flight.  I can’t complain too much though as I was without the kids.  

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Cathay Pacific: Economy vs. Premium Economy

One of life’s big travel questions – is it worth paying the extra for Premium Economy?  Some airlines such as Air New Zealand and Turkish really do offer a premium product with nicer food, comfy chair and other frills.  On other airlines, the difference can be minimal and it’s really a question of expense.

CX Premium Economy HKG-LAX

As I’m based in Hong Kong, I often find myself flying my ‘home’ airline of Cathay Pacific.  

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