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Review of Thai Airways: Hong Kong to Phuket

For our Christmas trip to Phuket, I chose to fly with Thai Airways as it was half the price of Cathay Pacific.  Thai Airways is part of the Star Alliance, which includes Singapore and United Airlines.  Thai’s Royal Orchid Plus Program is open to any person 2 years of age or older.  Whilst I am a Royal Orchid Plus member, my daughters are enrolled in KrisFlyer (belonging to Singapore Airlines) as we fly Virgin a lot and they don’t meet the minimum age requirement for the Flying Club.

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Sleeping Kids, Rustles & Bright Lights – Longhaul With Virgin!

It was 10pm and I was at the Virgin check-in desk in Hong Kong.  One daughter surreptitiously removing things from my suitcase whilst the other one making a break for freedom. So when then the lady at check-in informed me that the flight was overbooked and would we be interested in taking a flight 24 hours later I rolled my eyes and said ‘absolutely not’.  

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Flying With A Baby On United – LAX to NYC

Our intrepid New Zealand correspondent Rhiannon is off to spend a month in New York with her 5 month old Madeleine in tow.  To get to NYC from Wellington she had the joy of a United flight from LAX to NYC and shares her review and tips here:

UA 1489 LAX to NYC (Newark), 12.36pm to 8.59pm,

Flight booked via Air NZ call centre as part of a round the world flight.

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Longhaul with Lufthansa (and 2 kids in tow)

A huge thanks to Weronika who gives us our first Lufthansa review – Hong Kong to Warsaw via Frankfurt…

I was travelling alone with my 2 boys: Jasiek (3.5yo) and Antek (4 months). I was carrying the younger in a Bondolino carrier (no stroller) and the older one had to walk.

Where were you travelling to and from?

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Flying Virgin Upper Class With Kids: Sydney to Hong Kong

Sadly Virgin are soon to be stopping their Hong Kong to Sydney route.  So my friends Adam & Amanda took advantage of this and splurged all their Virgin miles on Upper class seats for the family to come and visit their friends in Hong Kong.

VA201, departs 3.45pm lands 10pm same day

Ticket Booking

As we were using airmiles we phoned the Virgin Flying Club (goes to UK call centre which was efficient).  

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