Life At The Airport With No Kids

99% of the time I’m flying with my kids.  In general Mesdames Jetlag & Mayhem (ages 7 and 5) are becoming easier to handle. Yet hanging about at the airport still isn’t that much fun.  There’s almost always a fight about who gets to pull the suitcase, screams of ‘I’m thirsty’ and constant hassling from me about the importance of going to the toilet BEFORE we get on our longhaul flight.  

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Tips On Getting Through Airport Security With Kids

In light of recent tragic events, you can expect heightened security at all airports.  Of course this is a welcome measure to keep us all as safe but it can be tough navigating security with young kids in tow.  I’ve encountered endless tantrums in security kids (mostly my kids but sometimes me when I see how slow people are at removing laptops from bags, phones from pockets etc).  

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10 Tips To Help You Get Through The Airport

  1. Arrive with plenty of time.  Airports and queues go hand in hand from check-in to security.  You might also have a marathon walk to your gate (welcome to Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi!).
  2. Keep your stroller with you all the way to the gate (if you can).  Don’t forget to bring your baby carrier too, for when you have to part with said stroller.
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Review of the Club Bauhinia Lounge – Hong Kong Airport

Sounding akin to a dodgy 80s nightclub serving Pina Coladas, Club Bauhinia is the lounge shared by Bangkok Airways, Philippine Airlines, Royal Brunei and Hong Kong Airlines.  What was I doing in it? Unfortunately we made a late booking to Koh Samui, couldn’t get on any flights except to have to pay extra (arrrgh!) and fly business class on our outbound with Bangkok Airways.

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Larks At the Airport: Queues, Forgetting A Phone & Tantrums

I realised our flight to Hong Kong wasn’t going to be smooth sailing when I checked my e-ticket and realised my travel agent had forgotten to reserve seats for our return journey.  With less than 10 hours till the flight, I furiously tried to check in online with zero luck. After endless combinations of e-ticket no/Virgin ref number/name, the answer was a constant ‘computer says no’.

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