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Flying Cathay Pacific Premium Economy On The A350-900

I don’t know about you but I’d never consider flying anything other than Economy unless I was using airmails to upgrade or to pay for the entire flight.  Of course that would change the moment I won the lottery. If I was a gazillionaire, I would only ever turn left.  How cool would that be!  Anyway, back to the point.

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Thai Airways Flight Review: Hong Kong to Phuket

If you’re flying from Hong Kong to Phuket, Thailand you have 4 options: Cathay Dragon (always the most expensive), Thai Airways, Air Asia and HK Express (the latter having more unsociable flying times).  On our recent trip to the Angsana Laguna Phuket we flew with Thai Airways as we had some flights we needed to use before our upcoming move to Singapore.  

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Flying To Bhutan

Flying to Bhutan is no easy feat.  The country has two airlines, the national carrier Royal Bhutan Airlines, aka Druk Air and Bhutan Airlines, the latter being a relatively new privately operated carrier.  If you are considering a trip to Bhutan, you must factor in the cost of this extra airfare, unless you are lucky enough to be flying in direct from Bangkok, Singapore, Kathmandu or a few places in India (check out the Druk Air schedule here). 

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Cathay Pacific Business Class Review: Hong Kong to Chicago

Champers ✔   Flat Bed  ✔   Delicious garlic bread ✔   Linen tablecloth ✔   No need for valium ✔

Let me tell you, longhaul Cathay Pacific Business class is awesome.

Now regular readers will know that I am 99% found at the very back of the plane.  Which is absolutely fine but once a year we splurge all our hard-earned airmiles and upgrade from Premium Economy to Business Class.

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Review: Cathay Pacific Business Class to Tokyo

I’m a nosey person.  In my day job as a headhunter, I love listening to people telling me their story. In my all other hours job as a travel blogger, I love nosing my way through reviews, especially anything to do with luxury/aspirational travel. I recently shared a photo of a friend traveling Etihad first class.  

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