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Flight Review: British Airways London Heathrow to Hong Kong

Who:  I was flying back to Hong Kong with 2 kids (3.5yo & 10 mths) plus mother in law.  Recovering from an operation, I paid extra for Premium Economy on British Airways.

What:  BA 27 London Heathrow, departs 10pm, arrives Hong Kong 4pm

Check In
You can’t check in online if you are travelling with an Infant.  

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BA – Bassinet & Car Seat Pictures

On my BA flight to London recently, they offered me the ‘car seat’ for my 6 mth old baby.  BA gives priority to babies in terms of age so the youngest babies get the box-like bassinets and the older babies get the car seats unless you are very unlucky and they have run out….  You don’t have to buy your child a seat until they are 2 years old.

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Flight Review: Hong Kong to Kuala Lumpur with Cathay Pacific (3 hours)

We had an early morning flight so we checked in the day before using Hong Kong's In Town check in.  This saved us a lot of hassle on the day of travel. HK Airport was so busy our friend's who were travelling with us weren't able to check their bags all the way through to Langkawi.

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Flight Review: Bangkok Airways – Bangkok to Koh Samui (40 mins to 1 hour)

I couldn’t book us on to the direct flight from HKG to Koh Samui so we went indirect via Bangkok.  The only benefit to this was that we cleared immigration in Bangkok and avoided the often lengthy queues at Koh Samui.

Despite the long walk between gates, I do love Bangkok Airways.  Anyone flying with them gets access to their lounge which has loads of free food, newspapers and computer terminals.  

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Flight Review: Dragonair HK to Phuket (3 hours)

We have just come back from our winter holidays to Phuket where we rented a villa with family from the UK. Dragonair sent us a text 24 hours before our flight asking us to check in at least 3 hours in advance given the huge anticipated traffic at HK Airport.  As that would mean waking up even earlier we decided the smart thing would be to check in the night before at HK’s In Town Check In at IFC Mall.  

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