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Flight Review: British Airways (BA) – London Heathrow to Boston with 16 mth old

Who:  My sister Georgina, her husband and 16 mth old toddler
What:  British Airways BA0239 departs Heathrow 7.30pm and arrives 9.40pm. The return leg BA0238 departs Boston 8am and arrives Heathrow 7.25pm

Check-In and Departures

Heathrow T5

  • Family friendly lanes at Security
  • Baby milk and food available to preorder from Boots
  • Plenty of places to eat, Carluccio's landside, and Wagamama, Giraffe and Plane Food airside
  • Plenty of babychanging facilities that are separate from the male/female toilets so that you can go in together

Boston (international Terminal)

  • Pretty basic in comparison to Heathrow T5
  • Baby changing facilities were in the toilets so you can't go in there together (dad was pretty happy to get out of nappy changing duties)
  • Made me taste my baby formula at security and I could not see anywhere in terminal to buy more formula (or baby supplies)


BA offers a 'car seat' for older babies that fits in the same place as a bassinet in the bulkhead seats.

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Flight Review: Air New Zealand – Hong Kong to London

Who:  Claire & her 2 boys (3.5 yo toddler & 3 mth baby)
What:  Air New Zealand 39T departs Hong Kong 10am and arrives LHR 4.15pm

Hong Kong to London

I was flying alone to introduce the new baby to my UK family.  I was anxious but Nic reassured me I could do it.

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Flight Review: Air New Zealand – London Heathrow to Hong Kong

Who:  Claire, hubbie & her 2 boys (3yo toddler and 3 mth baby)
What:  NZ 38V London Heathrow to Hong Kong

Departs 9.05pm, arrives 4.10pm the following day in Hong Kong

For the return flight I packed the same stuff as outbound omitting sticker books and toys.  I had husband with me this time for extra help.

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Flight Review: British Airways London Heathrow to Hong Kong

Who:  I was flying back to Hong Kong with 2 kids (3.5yo & 10 mths) plus mother in law.  Recovering from an operation, I paid extra for Premium Economy on British Airways.

What:  BA 27 London Heathrow, departs 10pm, arrives Hong Kong 4pm

Check In
You can’t check in online if you are travelling with an Infant.  

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BA – Bassinet & Car Seat Pictures

On my BA flight to London recently, they offered me the ‘car seat’ for my 6 mth old baby.  BA gives priority to babies in terms of age so the youngest babies get the box-like bassinets and the older babies get the car seats unless you are very unlucky and they have run out….  You don’t have to buy your child a seat until they are 2 years old.

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