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Jetlag and Kids: 10 Top Tips

Jetlagged kids… we’ve all been through it.  Whether it’s trying to settle a wide awake baby at 2am or sticking your toddler in front of the TV at 5am while you get some much needed sleep.  Either way it’s not fun.  However, don’t let it stop you from planning your trip of a lifetime.  Here are my top tips for dealing with jetlag:

  1. KNOW what you’re in for.  
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Activities For A Longhaul Flight

Tomorrow I’m embarking on a 12 hour day flight from Hong Kong to London. Myself, Jetlag & Mayhem it’s gonna be great. We can kick back, relax, drink wine (me, not them), watch endless amounts of TV. Chat about the universe, watch some clouds and enjoy 12 hours in close quarters.


Even though at 7 and 5, my girls are easier to travel with (I give those traveling with toddlers the utmost respect), they are still a pain.  

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Broken In-Flight Entertainment On A Longhaul Flight!

When it comes to flying with kids, you can leave nothing to chance. I learnt this the hard way recently on a 9 hour DAY FLIGHT from Christchurch to Singapore.  We’d had a minor incident on the way down – my seat was broken and despite it being a seemingly packed flight, they found another few seats at the back of the plane.

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12 Essentials For Comfort On A Longhaul Flight

I was recently out for dinner with a friend who had never heard of Seat Guru. She was moaning about how many flights she needed to take to get from Melbourne to Cuba and wished she knew what seat to book on each plane.  I was incredulous that despite all her globetrotting she’d never stumbled across this incredibly useful website.

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Review Of The Fly LegsUp Flight Hammock

Exciting news from Jetlag & Mayhem HQ today with a tale of a product that can help you get to sleep more comfortably on a flight!  Last year you will have read about the game changer that was the Fly-Tot Inflatable Flight Cushion.  I am still a fan for my 4 year old but my 7 year old’s legs are now that bit too long to make it comfortable for laying down.  

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