22 Holiday Travel Tips

Are you on a last-minute dash to borrow a ski jacket for a trip to Lapland? Or dreading an upcoming longhaul flight home to see your family for the christmas break? Or packing for a quick minibreak to the wintery Europe Christmas markets? Or like me, thinking about next week’s trip to Thailand, hoping that Miss Mayhem gets over her tonsilitis pronto. 

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Top Tips For Using Airbnb

In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past couple of years, airbnb is a site that allows hosts to rent out their homes and travellers to book accommodation worldwide.  For me, airbnb has revolutionised the way I travel with my family.  Instead of cramming into one hotel room, for the same price I can often find a multi bedroom property with a living room, kitchen and outdoor space.  

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Top 10 Packing Tips

I’m currently in the process of packing for a week’s trip to Bhutan.  This is a slight deviation from my normal holiday packing routine of sandals, suncream, book, repeat. I actually had to google the weather to see what extremities I may need to prepare for and frantically hunt down last-minute hiking gear. In fact I’d much rather be writing this blog post talking about packing for my trip than actually packing.  

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Potty Training On The Go

Remember that lovely house or apartment you decorated pre-kids? With the white walls, unblemished furniture and minimalist look? Then babies and toddlers come along and your living room turned technicolour and your kitchen surfaces are piled high with sterilisers and bottles. Then potty training happens and your zen bathroom suddenly has a collection of enormous potty trainers, steps and training seats.

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Packing Tips From Make My Wardrobe Work!

Anyone else stuck in the same beach holiday style rut? Packs too many bikinis and heels that never get a look in? Today Hong Kong based Sheryl from Make My Wardrobe Work, shares her tips on what clothes to pack for a beach holiday!

In the years BTK (before the kids), I travelled frequently for both business and pleasure.

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