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Packing Tips From Make My Wardrobe Work!

Anyone else stuck in the same beach holiday style rut? Packs too many bikinis and heels that never get a look in? Today Hong Kong based Sheryl from Make My Wardrobe Work, shares her tips on what clothes to pack for a beach holiday!

In the years BTK (before the kids), I travelled frequently for both business and pleasure.

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10 Of The Best Packing Hacks

I’ll let you in on a little secret.  I absolutely love packing.  My packing usually starts months in advance when I start squirreling away all the things I need for my trip.  Then I like getting all my packing cubes and travel bottles out.  Sometimes it does go wrong. The fancy dress I so cleverly hid away months in advance of my christmas holiday, forgot to make its way in my suitcase.  

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Top 5 Baby Travel Essentials

If you are about to embark on your first holiday with your new addition, congratulations!  Welcome to a world where holidays will never be the same again.  First and foremost because your new little person gets to invade at least half of your luggage allowance!  Packing for a baby is a minefield. There are so many vital ‘must-haves’ but here are my essentials (outside of nappies, baby wipes, baby bottles and formula!)


  1. Cot & Stroller Blackout
    Long time readers will know I’m obsessed with travel blackout.  
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Toys On A Plane: The Under 5 Roundup

I was once on a flight and spotted some friends a few rows behind.  Whilst my rugrats (at the time 5 mths and nearly 3) were crying/jumping around/demanding constant attention, her two (4 and 7) were blissfully chilling out, watching an ipad and reading.

Moral of the story.  Young babies are easy (they sleep).  Kids between 0-4 are a tough crowd but as they get older, it gets easier.

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Hand Luggage Essentials For Us + Them

I’m finally passed the point of lugging around bottles, formula, food pouches etc.  That doesn’t mean I’ve returned to the days of packing moisturiser and Evian spritz for those longhaul flights.  My bag is still crammed with essential items for a 6 and 3 yo.  On a recent short flight I realised I had become a bit too complacent with my hand luggage packing and had forgotten to pack kid’s medicine.

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