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Babyzen Yoyo+ Review

One of the biggest game changers for family travel has been the invention of a folding buggy that you can bring onboard as cabin baggage. There are a few different ones on the market now but the Grande Dame of them all is the BABYZEN YOYO+.  We decided to put this buggy through its paces, testing it on several trips abroad and also round the city.  

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5 Books That Inspired Me To Travel

Second only to my love of travel is my love of reading.  Nothing gives me more pleasure than combining both and I’ve read a lot of fantastic travel books over the years.  My very first travel tome was the… wait for it… Children’s Junior Atlas. I used to read it over and over, stare at the maps, plot routes and absorb the random facts.  

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Wireless Kids Headphones Review: LilGadgets Untangled Pro

For all those parents who allow their kids to sit playing noisy games on their tablet/phone on a plane. I beg of you one thing… please buy them some headphones! There are so many child friendly options on the market. Many have the added safety feature of a volume limiter.  Case in point, the LilGadgets Untangled Pro, a Bluetooth headphone that we recently tested out on a trip to Phuket.  

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Toys For The Plane: My Super Fun Play Book

I’m always looking for ways to limit screen time either on a plane or relaxing on holiday. I don’t see anything wrong with a little screen time (she says furiously tapping away on her laptop, simultaneously browsing instagram) but there’s something so rewarding about watching kids play with actual toys. It can be difficult to find a toy that will pique the interest of a youngster.  

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Kids Book Review: LP Kids – Cities Books

The other night my husband and I were in bed reading and complimenting our book choices. I was devouring a book which described 86 of the world’s greatest cities and he was learning how cities worked.  Interestingly these weren’t high brow books selected by moi, they were two of the latest books from the Lonely Planet Kids collection.

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