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Kingdom Stroller Buggy Rental In Orlando, Florida

Perhaps your kids have only just outgrown their stroller BUT you know your vacation would be easier with one?  Or you usually travel with a single stroller but might like the convenience of a double stroller? Well on my sister’s recent trip to Florida they hired a Baby Jogger City Mini Double from Kingdom Strollers and it was so easy!

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Travel Product Review: Zap-It! & Altruist Sunscreen

Whilst the summer holidays have drawn to a close, it’s never too early to start thinking about what to pack for your next trip! I recently tested out two handy products that I wanted to highlight for your ‘what should I buy’ radar….


On our summer roadtrip to the Deep South I got eaten alive by mozzies and sand flies.

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Review Of The Constellation Universal Cabin Case

I was recently on a trip with four different airlines, each with different cabin baggage rules.  This created a lot of frustration and uncertainty; I nearly went out and bought yet more cabin bags! If only, I had known about The Constellation Universal Cabin Case.  This is exactly what it says – a cabin case that can be used on almost any airline.  
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Review of Lonely Planet Kids Let’s Explore… Series

At 8 and 5, Jetlag & Mayhem are still huge fans of sticker books.  I too am a fan of the sticker book and can often be found resticking my children’s wonky stickers (mild OCD). We are big fans of anything produced by Lonely Planet Kids and this time, we tested out the ‘Let’s Explore…’ books.  

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Mifold Booster Seat Review

Every now and again, a brilliant gadget comes on the market, which improves how we travel. The inflatable flight cushion was a total game changer for longhaul flights. Now car safety has just got a lot more practical with the mifold, a compact child booster seat that is smaller for an iPad.  Great for times when you have an extra child to bring home for a playdate.

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