20 Things To Do Before You Jet Off On Vacation

Are you travelling at Easter?  Unlike me, I hope you’re not panicking about whether your visa is going to come through in time.  Be prepared, organised and go through the following checklist.  As I’m about to do now!

Write list 

  1. Check passports & visa requirements
  2. Check if you need vaccinations, medications
  3. Buy travel insurance
  4. Reconfirm flights & add frequent flyer number to booking
  5. If you’re travelling with baby, reconfirm bassinet seat
  6. Order your kids their child meals for plane
  7. Check luggage allowance
  8. Confirm hotel details.  Sign up to hotel loyalty scheme (it will get you some airmiles or even upgrade!)
  9. Confirm hotel transfers
  10. Print e-tickets
  11. Print hotel voucher / hotel address
  12. Print car hire, insurance etc
  13. Print any medical details you may need e.g. prescriptions, letter from doctor if you’re pregnant
  14. Buy foreign currency
  15. Organize pet care
  16. Organize plant watering
  17. Pay bills
  18. Send holiday details to family / friends
  19. Book your ride to airport (taxi / airport parking etc)
  20. 24-48 hours in advance online check-in

Happy Travels!

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