Aman Dreaming

I spend a lot of my time (probably far too much) lusting over luxury hotels to add to my bucket list.  So this week I was super excited to meet the gorgeous Francesca from Aman Resorts.

I have always wanted to stay in an Aman hotel.  In fact, I have been campaigning my husband to stay in the Amanpulo for the last five years.  As Francesca explained, what makes the Aman so special is that their destinations are so unique.  The hotel is not just an amazing luxury hotel, it’s an experience in itself.  This desire to experience something completely different to a typical hotel stay is what has created an army of Aman devotees.

Did you know there are 25 Aman resorts worldwide?  For the most ‘family friendly with young kids’ (i.e. where can I go!) she recommended the Amanpulo in the Philippines.  I have long heard divine reports from this amazing private island.  From watching the release of baby turtles in the sea to every casita having its own golf buggy you can drive, I know I need to pay this place a visit.


The price for an unforgettable experience at an Aman resort is hefty.  However, if you are looking for something that might not break the bank, why not check out their two Amans in Sri Lanka.  Combine the golden sandy beaches of the Amanwella in Tangalle with the colonial elegance of the Amangalla in Galle.

AmangallaNow, indulge me here.  If I was playing the game of, ‘I have unlimited budget and I’m leaving the kids with the grandparents’, I think I would pay Bhutan a visit and stay at the Amankora, a series of lodges across the central and western valleys of Bhutan. I would spend my days trekking the breathtaking Himalayas, knowing I had the luxury experience of an Aman, waiting for me at the end of the day.

Amankora Punakha

Amankora 2Therefore I beg of you dear reader.  If you have stayed at an Aman resort, please do share your story with me as I would love to hear more about their fabulousness.  And if you would like to donate to my ‘going to an Aman fund’, I will send you my bank details!

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