10 Things To Eat At A Taipei Night Market


We recently visited Taipei for the weekend and one of the things I was most excited to do was EAT. Taipei has long been revered as a culinary hotspot, in particular for the delights you can chow down on at a night market. There are quite a few to choose from but as we were only in Taipei for two nights, we had to be selective.  The first night we went to Lingjian Street Night Market as it as the closest to our hotel (Shangri-La Taipei).  This suited us well as my daughters were getting tired and Lingjian wasn’t too busy or too large to navigate.  Food-wise it was pretty good but it wasn’t until our second night’s choice, the famous Raohe Street Night Market, that we felt we had hit the jackpot.  If you only have one night to play with, I would recommend opting for the Raohe Street Night Market, which was about 20 minutes by taxi from our hotel.  The food stalls are seemingly never-ending, there’s a lively buzz to the place and most importantly, THE FOOD IS DELICIOUS!

If you are visiting a night market with young kids in tow, here are my tips:

  • Markets tend to open from 5pm but not all the stalls might be set up.
  • If you have picky eaters, it might be worth giving them a light dinner before hand and look upon the night market as ‘extra treats’.
  • Raohe and Lingjian weren’t particularly stroller friendly, especially Raohe which was rammed.  If you can, use a baby carrier or be prepared to carry your child for some of the way.
  • Pack plenty of wet wipes, water and a hand sanitiser.
  • Pick the stalls with the longest queues – they are guaranteed to be the best!
  • Don’t be shy to ask what’s cooking. Even though some of the stall holders spoke limited English, passing customers would chime in and help clue us in!
  • Have lots of change – the food is inexpensive and you’ll want to keep eating
  • Keep your eye on your kids.  The markets are busy and if there’s food, mine have a tendency to wander off in search of it!



Meet the star of the show, the ‘Bomb Pancake’.  Essentially a lump of fried dough with a fried egg in the middle smothered in a sweet soy sauce.  

Raohe St Sausages

My kids favourite – the Taiwanese sausages!   Do as the locals do and chomp on some of the free garlic alongside your sausage..

Raohe Fried Chicken

Fried chicken! Yes yes yes

Raohe - Watermelon juice

Fresh watermelong juice to wash down all the fried food

Raohe sugar cane juice

Or why not add to the calories by drinking sugarcane juice instead!


Delectable blowtorched wagyu beef cubes

One of the most popular stalls, behold the ‘Fuzhou Pepper Buns’ aka crispy dough filled sweet peppery pork

Raohe spring onion cake

 A similar vibe to roti, these are Taiwanese scallion pancakes.


If you like pizza and you like pancake, you’ll love these mini Japanese style okonomiyakis

Raohe Sweet Desserts

These were sweet and delicious, I think similar to Japanese mochi? Please chime in if you recognise it!

With tired young children in town, we sadly didn’t get the chance to consume everything in our path. We couldn’t quite bring ourselves to try the famous ‘stinky tofu’ and had also wanted to round the night off with some refreshing shaved ice. We’ll have to save that for next time…

A huge thanks to all the foodie blogs I read in preparation for my night market visits.  In particular, this piece by Migrationology on Raohe Night Market.

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