Affordable & Family Friendly: HK’s Cosmopolitan Hotel

I often get asked for recommendations on where people should stay in Hong Kong.  However, Hong Kong can be a pricey city for accommodation and if you’re traveling with the kids in tow, things can get even more expensive! A favourite of mine to recommend is the Cosmopolitan which is located about 10 minutes from where I live.  I’m in no way affiliated to this hotel (although I should be, given the amount of business I refer!).  I simply enjoy sharing some wisdom on the beautiful city I live in.

Located between Wanchai and Causeway Bay with stunning views over to Happy Valley racecourse, this place offers really good value for money. In fact it was one of the first hotels in town to offer a ‘Family Quad Room’, i.e. a room to fit a family of four, with two double beds.

Cosmo - Happy Valley

The hotel rooms have recently been renovated and I have to say, they’ve done a great job with this. The rooms, previously a bit ‘dated’, now look fresh and funky. 

Grand Deluxe Family Quad Room - shrink

They’ve also launched a new campaign targeted at their family customers, ‘Beyond Thoughtful – Family & Us’. I had the chance to check out what was on offer and how this differentiates the Cosmopolitan from other hotels in town.

  • If you want a family room, you can book either a Family Quad Room (two double beds) or splash out and go for the Ocean Park Suite or Toy Suite, which include lots of fun extras.  
  • Young guests get a welcome pack filled with delicious snacks and drinks
    Cosmo - Food
  • Cute teddy bear and hot chocolate sachets
    Cosmo Kids Treats
  • Hidden away in the room is a healthy treat for your kids to find!
    Cosmo - Nuggets
  • Kids toiletries including Mustela goodies for babies, dental pack and even kids slippers
    Cosmo - Kids Amenities
  • Quite possibly one of the best things I’ve ever seen in a hotel room… dial 6 and a mobile storybook library will be brought up to your room.. genius!
    Cosmo - Kids Library

What I like about the Cosmopolitan is that prices are reasonable.  If you want a super luxury hotel with lots of facilities then this place isn’t for you (check out the Four Seasons or Island Shangri La). However, if you want a decent sized room, family friendly focus at a reasonable price then this is a great find.  Apparently you’ll find the best rates online and with early bird discounts you could find a Family Quad Room for approx. HKD $1500!


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