Bangkok Luxury – The Peninsula With A Toddler

Where better to treat yourselves to a luxurious stay in Bangkok than at the Peninsula Hotel.  If that’s not enough to lure you in, Ana reckons that their breakfast brunch is the best in the world!  I’m sold…

Peninsula Bangkok Lawn

Who: Ana, husband & daughter (20 mths)

Where: Peninsula Hotel, Bangkok

When did you go? As a family, we’ve gone 4 times since our daughter was born. The first time we went she was only 2 months old and the last time we went she was 20 months old. It’s an easy trip from Hong Kong and always a perfect getaway for a long weekend.

How was the weather? Weather in Bangkok is pretty consistent…. Hot, humid with periods of rain throughout the day.

How did you book the trip?  Was flight/hotel package or separate?

Booked the flights directly on Thai Airways and booked the hotels via American Express travel (web).  **HOT TIP** If you have an American Express Platinum or Centurion card you are often eligible for special promotions at several top properties in Bangkok (like the Mandarin Oriental and Peninsula). Book directly on the Amex website and you are often eligible for stay two nights and get the third night free, free room upgrade, one free high-tea, free breakfast and often a spa credit. American Express really does offer fantastic values to Platinum cardholders!

What airline did you fliy?

We typically book our flights on Thai Airways as we find them to be incredibly baby friendly and a decent price for lap child (10% of unrestricted adult fare).  The flight attendants are very accommodating and love children and even give them brand new toys upon boarding. I never had a problem booking a basinet seat and when my daughter got too big for the bassinets the on board crew would always shift others around so that my daughter would get her own seat (even though we paid for a lap child. Also they never charge us extra for checking a stroller or portable crib.

Where did you stay?

We always stay at the Peninsula. First class service for a fraction of what you would pay at any other Peninsula properties worldwide.

Did you book a transfer to hotel?  How long is the transfer?

I’ve found taking a taxi from the airport to be fast, safe and cheap. I’ve never had any problems with the drivers nor have they tried to cheat us on a fair. **HOT TIP** I always ask for a SUV rather than the regular sedans. I have found that all of the SUV’s have working seat belts and more legroom. The taxi desk may push you to take a sedan if there are only a few people in your party but be instant on taking an SUV because it really is a much more comfortable of a ride and does not cost much more.

What did you think of the room?

The rooms are always clean, large and modern.

Offer tons of in-room baby amenities (sterilizer, baby toiletries, crib/blankets). Another reason why we always go back to the Peninsula is because we find their rooms to be very baby friendly. The rooms come with a very large separate dressing area that fits the crib perfectly. It’s a perfect size for a crib and is portioned from the main room by a door (which gives mom and dad some privacy and not have to be so quite when baby is sleeping).

Offer tons of in-room baby amenities (sterilizer, baby toiletries, crib/blankets). TVs also have a DVD player so we bring some Elmo DVD’s to keep our daughter entertained.

The hotel does offer joining corner rooms that we have booked when traveling with our parents in the past. It’s a very large and convenient layout when the rooms are joined. I think the joining rooms would also work well if you are traveling with older children.

What were the facilities like?

Very nice pool and large grassy lawn in the back.

Peninsula Bangkok Pool

Was there a Kids Club?  What did you think of it?

No kids club, but the hotel does offer very affordable hourly babysitting that we’ve taken advantage of several times. You can book a couple of hours ahead of time. The babysitters they use are all employees of the Peninsula and have found them to be professional. We’ve always found them to be caring, entertaining and competent. My daughter never made a fuss when we left her in the room with a baby sitter. We found the baby sitters to be useful during midafternoon naps, or if we wanted to go out to dinner.

How were the restaurants? Or did you eat at any great places outside the hotel?

The food is fantastic at the hotel. They offer a breakfast brunch that I think is one of the best in the world (..yes, world). Also the in-room dining is excellent and not overly priced. Same for the food poolside.

We love eating in Bangkok and there are so many excellent places to go to. We have found many of the recommendations in the Bangkok LUXE guide to be excellent.

Did you do any activities/excursions?

The heat in Bangkok can be unbearable by midday so the trick is to do any sort of activity first thing in the morning so that you can be back to the hotel around lunchtime.

Our favorite thing to do is to go to Chatuchak Weekend Market. Go at 9am and stroll the grounds while the vendors set up. Be out of there by 11am otherwise the heat and crowds become unbearable. Our daughter gets a kick out of the pet section.

We also enjoy going to the temples and the royal palace.

Peninsula Bangkok Baby

What top tips do you have for someone doing this holiday?

Here are my top tips:

  1. When you go through immigration (both on arrivals and departures) be sure to find the handicap and small children line. It’s quick and fast compared to waiting with all the other people. I have found that the Thai immigration officers love children and are happy to help you out.
  2. The streets of Bangkok are not very stroller friendly. It’s best to bring a baby Bjorn or ergo. Much more efficient!
  3. Since Bangkok gets so incredibly hot I always bring washcloths and water spray bottles (love the Evian one!) when I explore the city. It’s the best way to cool yourself or baby off in the heat
  4. Find a hotel with a fantastic pool. You’ll need somewhere to hang out in the hot afternoons
  5. Don’t be afraid to use the BTS (Bangkok’s MTR). It’s safe, clean and extremely efficient. It’s the best way to beat Bangkok’s awful traffic.
  6. Go to Siam Paragon Mall: It’s a huge modern mall with an amazing food court that has every type of food you can imagine. Also has an excellent Western grocery store if you need to stock up on anything in your hotel room.

How family friendly is Bangkok?

Contrary to Bangkok’s reputation, I find the city to be incredibly family friendly. Food is safe to eat, Thai’s love children and there are tons of fun, cultural family activities.  Hence why we return again & again!

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    Beware Chatuchak Weekend market… you mention your daughter gets a kick out of the pet section, but there are also traders in live endangered animals, birds etc that are often kept in horrendous conditions and clueless about the needs of a wild animal (which should be in the wild and not a tourist market). For example, n a survey conducted on 28-29 March 2015, researchers counted 1,271 birds of 117 species for sale in 45 shops or stalls. Of the total, nine species are listed as “Threatened” on the IUCN Red List and eight species as “Near Threatened”.

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