Dim Sum & Then Some – The Hong Kong Foodie Tour!

As part of the Momondo Experiences Series, they challenged me to bring you a unique cultural experience in my hometown of Hong Kong.  I thought very hard and crossed off anything too athletic or dull and pondered about what I love to do.  And that my friends, is eat.  So what better way to see a city through new eyes, especially one I have inhabited for seven years, than through its cuisine.

I decided on the Hong Kong Foodie tour as it offered the chance to spend four hours exploring the Central & Sheung Wan district, an area not too far from my house (greedy AND lazy).  I met my fellow eaters, a lovely bunch from all over the world and our knowledgable local guide Silvana.  The tour takes in six different food stops with lots of culture and history along the way.  Wear comfortable shoes as there are a many steps/hills in this area of Hong Kong and definitely don’t eat too much before the 2.15pm start!

First off was a bowl of Hong Kong’s delectable wonton noodle soup.  The restaurant chosen in particular for having the biggest wontons in the neighbourhood.  This was a great start to the journey and also a good way to meet your fellow foodies (you are walking around with these people for four hours). 

HK Foodie - wonton soup - shrink

After filling up on noodles, what better way to continue the day then with the next meal.  A short walk around the corner to a roast meat joint.  Some of the people on the tour were surprised that a long(ish) resident of HK might come on such a tour.  But entering the next restaurant was exactly the reason I wanted to do the tour; somewhere I genuinely wouldn’t know about, would feel intimidated about what to order and how to do it.  We all got bowls of succulent and juicy BBQ pork and rice and learnt about the different roast meats that are welcoming you in the doorway. Apparently Hong Kongers eat 66,000 tonnes of roast meat per year!

hk foodie - roast meats - shrink

Thankfully the tour then allows you some exercise to walk off your earlier excess.  No better way to do this than a stroll up and down the hills of the wet market where our guide explained some of the more interesting vegetables (hairy melons anyone?) and history of the markets. 

HK Foodie - veggie stall - shrink

After huffing & puffing up a hill, we all got a treat with fresh sugar cane juice in a wonderful little store.  And to think this was a store less than a minute’s walk from my old office and I never ever frequented it.  Foolish me.

HK Foodie - sugar cane juice - shrink

Onwards and upwards we continued to one of HK’s trendier neighbourhoods, Poho.  Watching one of my foodies struggle with a double stroller at this point, I must advise, I wouldn’t bring young kids on this tour.  Our next stop was a fun, interactive experience at a local tea shop where we all learnt how to pour tea properly.  I was awful at this elegant sport, even attempting to drink the tea out of the jug at one point (I didn’t realize there were cups waiting for us at the table).

HK Foodie - me making tea - shrink

If you’re reading this thinking, hang on a minute, she’s in Hong Kong on a food tour and she hasn’t had dim sum yet then you are right.  But fast forward half an hour and I was tucking in to some of the best dim sum in the city at a great little place in Sheung Wan.  All the food is pre-ordered for you and they make sure that you get the most famous dishes the places have to offer.  Dim sum is something I have eaten a lot of in Hong Kong but I have to stay this stuff was superb.

HK Foodie - Dim Sum - shrink

Just when you think you can’t stuff any more food in, it’s time for dessert.  It’s not exactly a light dessert but it might be one of the best things you’ve ever eaten – a traditional Hong Kong egg tart.  A remnant of its colonial English past, the egg tart is essentially an adapted English custard tart but in my mind, far superior.  Compact, delicious and leaves you contented but wanting more.  In fact exactly the way I would sum up the Hong Kong Foodie Tasting Tour.

HK Foodie - egg tart - shrink

For all queries on the Hong Kong foodie tour from what dietary restrictions can be catered for to price and availability, check out their website.  I loved the tour so much, I’m looking forward to doing their slightly more unique food tour of Sham Shui Po as soon as I stop feeling so full.


This post was written as part of the Momondo Experiences Series


  1. Christine

    Wow, sounds like a fantastic tour. Sometimes there’s a lot to be said for exploring your own area!

    1. Nicola

      it was so fun – i’m still full!

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