Hong Kong Disneyland With Young Kids

Hong Kong Disneyland

Ahhh, the magic of Disney!  Did you know that we have our very own Disneyland in Hong Kong? Apparently it was tailor made to suit the needs of the Chinese market which means fewer big ticket rides and more expansive grounds and nice things to look at.  Which means it’s perfect for those visiting with young kids (if you want rollercoasters, head to HK’s Ocean Park).

Now this is by no means a comprehensive guide to Hong Kong Disneyland.  In fact it’s not really a guide at all, it’s just my tips following a day at Disney with two young kids aged 4 and 2.  

Booking Tickets

Of course going to Disney is a pricey business.  Hooray for the 2 and under though as they are free.  Save yourself time by booking your tickets in advance online and you pick them up at a number of machines either at the park or HK station.

You can also buy ticket vouchers at Circle K stores (swap the voucher for tickets at the same machines as above) or buy the tickets themselves at Hong Kong station.

Getting to HK Disneyland

The park is located on Lantau island, Hong Kong’s largest outlying island and where you can find the airport.  It’s easy to reach by public transport, hop on the Tung Chung MTR line and switch to the Disney train at Sunny Bay station.  However, by far the easiest option when travelling with the kids, is to take a taxi.  Taxis in Hong Kong are cheap and plentiful.  The journey (in no traffic) from Wanchai on HK Island took us a mere 25 minutes.

What to take

  • We took the executive decision to bring our double stroller (which we rarely use in Hong Kong). There are a limited number of strollers available to rent at the park although I don’t know how much it costs.  Having a stroller was really useful for ferrying tired kids around and also stowing our bags/jackets.  There is a approx. 10 mins walk from transport drop off to the park entrance. Once inside, the sidewalks (unlike the rest of HK) are made for strollers and there is ‘parking’ by each of the rides – although be aware you are leaving your belongings at your own peril.
    HK Disney - Buggy Park
  • Suntan lotion & hat
  • Tissues (bathroom maintenance is ok but not great)
  • Hand sanitiser
  • Healthy snacks and drinks.  There is lots of food available in the park from the more healthy option of fresh fruit to burgers and chips.  It always helps to have a stash of food on hand to keep kids happy in the long queues.
  • Layers – depending on the time of year.  If you’re staying late to watch the fireworks, there may be a drop in temperature so bring sweaters/coats to keep the kids warm.

There is a Baby Care Center at the Plaza end of Main Street with formula, warming bottles, diaper changing facilities, feeding rooms and some baby food available.

When to go

Disneyland is extremely popular with mainland Chinese tourists.  For a quieter visit, I’d avoid HK and Chinese public holidays.  If you’re visiting over a weekend, apparently Sunday is less busy than Saturday.  We visited on a Sunday and the park was busy but not jam packed.  Of course every day’s different and there’s never a ‘perfect day’ (unless you sent to Disney with the grandparents and you stayed home with a glass of wine).

HK Disney Teacups 3


Check the calendar to see what time all the shows are on and the park opening and closing times.  If you have young kids, they might not last a full day.  Instead of leaving first thing in the morning, we left my house around 2.30pm, after my two year old’s lunch time nap.  This way she wasn’t grumpy and could push on through to the 8pm fireworks.

What to do

Some of the rides have height restrictions – we figured this out after rushing to the runaway train only to realise my 4 year old was too short.  Fantasyland is brilliant for young kids with the Tea Cups, Dumbo, Carousel, Winnie the Pooh and Small World ride.  Mickey’s Philharmagic, a 3D show, is also lots of fun.  

HK Disney - Teacups 2

Toy Story Land looks brilliant but is also extremely popular.  

HK Disney - Toy Story Land

We had intended to go on the Slinky ride but there was a queue of nearly an hour so instead we queued 45 mins for the Toy Soldier Parachute Drop – lots of fun over in less than a minute!

HK Disney - Parachute

We bypassed Mystic Point, Grizzly Gulch and Tomorrowland.  However, we did visit the latter on a previous visit and the Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters go the thumbs up from my 4 year old.

We hit Adventureland late in the day and caught the 6pm ‘Festival of the Lion King’ which is like watching a mini broadway show.  The show lasts about 45mins and my two little ones were captivated. We went straight from there to do a Jungle River Cruise which was great fun as the park was in the dark.  Less than 5 minutes queuing time at 7pm!  

Parades & Fireworks

You must watch the ‘Flights of Fantasy Parade’ – simply spectacular.  I don’t think there’s any point staking out a spot and waiting ages for the parade to start, especially if you have little kids.  There are loads of viewing points to watch it – I recommend standing on one of the raised paths leading down from the Castle.

HK Disney - Parade

I’m also pleased we stayed for the 8pm fireworks.  Truly a magical experience watching the fireworks explode over the castle to music.  If you watch them towards the entrance on Main St. then you can ensure a speedy exit ahead of the masses.  We decided to take a taxi home and there was no queue and loads of taxis available at this time (8.30pm).

Where to eat

The ice cream stand next to ‘It’s a Small World’ sells yummy ice creams and is a good place to sit and unwind for a bit.

HK Disney - Icecream

We ate dinner in the Starliner Diner in Tomorrowland – your usual burger & chips fare although at least you can substitute the kids fries with a corn on the cob.

Final note…

One thing we didn’t try out is the FASTPASS system.  Your Park admission entitles you to be able to use the service.  Basically you insert your ticket into a FASTPASS distribution machine.  Then you get a FASTPASS with designated return time.  At the allocated time, return to the ride and enjoy the FASTPASS Return entrance rather than queuing with the plebs!  Wow, this sounds great – why didn’t I do it?

I’m looking forward to going back again and perhaps staying in one of the resort hotels and doing the character breakfast.  Or even better, saving up the $ and hitting the mothership in Orlando.


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  1. Little Nomads (@littlenomads)

    The fastpass system is defiantly a great tip at any Disney – it saves so much time on lineups. Being a dad that travels with two little ones under 8, anything to break the line ups is good thing! Great article..

  2. Denise

    I found you on the SITS linky party. Thanks for the tips for visiting the Disney park in Hong Kong!

  3. Rachel G

    My friends have taken their toddler to Disney in Hong Kong before and had a fun time. I’d like to go someday!

  4. Lattemama

    Thanks for the tips, they were still very useful! I have included a link to this post on ours about visiting HK Disneyland on HappyGoKL. Happy travels!

  5. Ivana

    Great article!…useful tips as we r going next month…TQ… 🙂

  6. Moji

    so glad I found this, we are visiting HK with my 2.5 yr old and 11 month old in November (from UK). we are planning to go to Disneyland. Its been difficult trying to decide if we need a double buggy. Will a lightweight double buggy be suitable for use in HK sight seeing. or would you advice a single buggy with a sling for the little one. Although that can be heavy! I will appreciate your suggestion. Thank you.

    1. Nicola

      HK streets are really tricky to navigate. I would definitely advise on a single buggy and comfortable sling e.g. Ergo. Have a great visit here! Let me know if you need any more tips

  7. vacationsaregood

    Hey, we want to visit HK Disneyland with our 5 yr old from India. Is it really worth spending lot of money? This is my biggest concern!

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