Review of the Anantara – Hua Hin, Thailand

If you want to head to a Thai beach but don’t want the faff of flying onwards from Bangkok, consider the resort area of Hua Hin.  Mandy and Jason visited in early Feb this year and stayed at the Anantara. This is a great time of year to visit Hua Hin, with warm days of mid to high 20s and mild breezes and cooler evenings.

Hua Hin - boats

Mandy & Jason with their two kids (5 & 8 yo)

Anantara, Hua Hin, Thailand

Booking Details
We booked through Flight Center with Kathryn Plew.  I would recommend her.  She follows up with emails and phone calls and takes responsibility of our satisfaction.  She even emailed us the day we got home to check how things were.  Now that is service!

The price included breakfast, airport transfer, flight and hotel.  A suite room gets you breakfast, afternoon tea and yoga every morning which is practically a private class.

Flight & Hotel Transfer
An easy 2.5 hours to Bangkok from Hong Kong.  But the transfer from Bangkok to Hua Hin was not the 2 hours we were told. It was more like 3.5 hours.  Luckily we were in a nice van.

How was the hotel?
The Anantara is a very nice hotel but there was a reason why the Kid’s club had no photos on the website.  It is tiny and not really much of a Kid’s Club.  BEWARE!  Also child care was not always there.

How was your room?
The suite was really nice with a King Bed and then a ‘sofa’ bed which was probably a Queen size.

How were the facilities?
There really wasn’t much in the way of facilities.  No gym or Kid’s club.  No kid’s bikes available, only adult bikes, no pool slides, toys etc.  You really have to entertain your younger kids at this location.  

In terms of being entertained though, the beach is great with soft sand and a long low tide for a long stretch.  At low tide, there is a sand bank that comes up a few feet away which provides a water pool close to the beach where small fish are caught in the pool to play with.  There was also tons of little crabs and crustaceans that were crawling around which we found really fun.

Hua Hin - Anantara Pool

Was there a Kid’s Club?
There were activities for kids to do at the club like paint a picture, make a shirt and there are some baby toys but you wouldn’t go to this resort for the Kid’s Club.  Anantara Hua Hin could do a lot to improve this to be a competitive family resort.  There were a lot of Scandinavian retirees here and this seemed to be more the demographic they are targeting.

Hua Hin - Anantara Boxing

Did you do any trips/excursions?
We did a fantastic hike at the Sam Roi Yot National Park.  I would highly recommend this.  There are two hills there to hike. The first hill is 1km and second is about 4.3km.  Our driver discouraged us from doing the first hill but we enjoyed the exercise and most people take a little boat to the second hill, where you start a steep climb up the hill and then down into a cave.  Inside the cave is a pavilion that was built by King Rama V.  There were people who were doing this hike in their flip flops but I would not recommend that – wear running shoes as some of the rocks are slippery.

Hua Hin - Anantara Cave

How was the food?
The food was fantastic both in town and at our resort.  Of course in town it was half the price and I would recommend walking down to the pier and sitting outdoors by the water.

How was the staff?
The staff were kind and eager to help.  Although we did order in room service for the kids and they didn’t pick up the plates until late into the morning the next day.

How was the trip overall?
We had a nice, relaxing trip but I don’t think we’ll go back.  There are so many beautiful places in Thailand to go to that have direct flights and better family facilities.  The town was nice but nothing to go for.  We thought it was like Daytona Beach.. a little tired.

Hua Hin - boat trip

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