A Guide To Phuket With Kids

Our last three Christmases have been spent on the Thai isle of Phuket.  We are usually very lazy – moving from the pool to the dining table and back!  However, as our kids get older, I can sense their cabin fever growing.  So this year we made the bold leap to leave the pool and experience some of what Phuket has on offer:

Butterfly Garden & Insect World

My kids loved this place!  It is stroller friendly and can easily fill an hour of your time.  The insect house was scary (I’m arachnophobic) but my little ones loved giggling at the beetles and spiders.  The butterfly garden is a delightful place with hundreds of butterflies flying around.

Phuket - Butterfly museum

You can also learn about bees and silkworms with lovely displays.  Situated just outside the Butterfly Garden is also a nice cafe.


Floating seafood restaurants at Laem Hin (East Coast)

If you want a fun dining experience, the floating seafood restaurants at Laem Hin are well worth a visit. The area was originally home to floating fish farms who spotted a money-making opportunity and added restaurants next to the farms.  To access these restaurants, you arrive at a jetty (tell your taxi driver Lam Haen jetty) and hop aboard a rickety old boat.  

Phuket - boat to floating restaurants

Phuket - floating restaurants

We had no idea where we were going, we just let the boat take us out to whichever restaurant he was being paid by!  The yummy food, beautiful surrounds and fairly cheap prices make it a fun place for lunch or early dinner.  I recommend visiting during daylight to make the most of the scenery.

Kata Beach (Southwest coast)

This had been described to me as a notch nicer than Patong beach, which it is.  I still prefer the laid back vibe of Bangtao and we were unfortunate with our timing in that the sea was plagued with jellyfish.  However, there’s some nice beachfront restaurants and boutiques.  

Kata Beach

We enjoyed watching the surfers at Surf House Phuket – a bar with its own wave machine pool for surfer wannabes.  Our kids were too young but older ones would love it!

Phuket Town Weekend Market (Chao Fa Market – Southeast Phuket)

The best thing about this market is not the endless amounts of tat but the awesome Thai street food. I have never tasted better mango sticky rice and delicious spring rolls.  The icing on the cake is a Thai delicacy which is essentially fried potatoes on a stick.  My four-year old loved the fresh juices and Thai desserts.  No better place to fill your belly for a few baht!  

Phuket Town Weekend Market

I don’t know what these are called but trust me – they’re amazing!

The market is open on a Saturday and Sunday from 4 – 9pm.  It’s not particularly stroller friendly with narrow passage ways and crowds.  

Royal Phuket Marina (East Coast)

We went for a leisurely brunch at Les Anges restaurant in the Royal Phuket Marina.  The marina is a great place to play ‘spot the yacht’ and offers up several dining options.  I wouldn’t go out of my way to go here but if you’re staying in the vicinity, the club sandwiches and eggs benedict at Les Anges make a nice change from pad thai for lunch.  

Phuket - Les Anges

Patong (West Coast)

I personally think this place is a complete hole.  Streets are lined with endless bars and shops selling the same old rubbish.  However there are some great spas like the next door to the Holiday Inn (forgot the name) where we enjoyed great, inexpensive foot massages and my 4 year old had her hair braided.

There’s also a huge array of restaurants in Patong.  If you’re bored with Thai fare, I highly recommend Sam’s steakhouse in the Holiday Inn.  The restaurant is extremely popular and bookings are advised.

How's this for a free dessert with a wow factor! (Sam's Steakhouse)

How’s this for a free dessert with a wow factor! (Sam’s Steakhouse)

For more on what to do and where to eat in Phuket check out my article for HK Hub

A great resource for those visiting Phuket with kids is the aptly named Phuket For Kids

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