Baby friendly staycations with Classic Cottages

Daunted by the prospect of an overseas holiday with the kids?  Here is a sponsored post from Classic Cottages on planning a family staycation.

Classic Cottages has been around for over 30 years now and still continues to grow.  We have over 750 properties to choose from in some stunning locations throughout the South West UK.  We find holiday homes you and your family will fall in love with for years to come.

Best baby-friendly staycation

Any parent will know travelling with little ones can be a challenging experience, however if you want to avoid hours in airports and on planes, staycations are a great alternative.  While a few hours in the car is preferable to endless check-in gates and departure lounges, road trips still carry a risk of backseat meltdowns.  Cut down on the frazzle factor with these tried and tested tips.

Try to plan your journey around your baby’s normal sleep time, taking the edge off the boredom for them.  When they wake up surprise them with a new toy – something you can fasten to their car seat with a toy-strap, this will save you having to keep reaching under the seat to pass it back to them!  And don’t forget the essential snacks and drinks, wet wipes, tissues and window shades to keep your little one content throughout the journey.  Plan stops in advance to break up the trip – choose places with grassy open spaces to stretch your legs or spread out a picnic blanket, sure to beat queuing up in busy service stations.

After putting all your effort into making sure baby is well catered for, don’t forget to check you know how to get where you’re going.  Squabbles over map reading are guaranteed to end up in frazzled nerves at the end of a long journey.

Freedom and flexibility

Classic CottagesOpting for a holiday cottage has to be the best baby-friendly option, as it allows the most scope for freedom and fun.  Space is top priority when you have got a little one in tow.  A holiday cottage allows you a whole house to spread out.  You are the mistress or master of your own domain.  And you don’t need to worry about the disgruntled couple in the room next door when baby decides that 3am is wake up time.

Taking a self-catering holiday means you’re not dictated to when meal times are, leaving you the freedom to eat what you want, when you want.  You will be able to make up picnics and food suitable for your baby to take out on day trips.  Arranging a supermarket delivery on the first day will save you the chore when you arrive at your holiday destination, it will also save packing bulky packs of nappies, freeing up precious space in the car.

Baby-friendly activities

The good news about planning activities for really little ones is that so long as you have got some space and opportunity to play, you don’t need to shell out on expensive family days out.  For now, it’s all about the simple pleasures.

Swap the buggy for a baby backpack, stock up on your basic supplies of nappies, wet wipes, sun-cream, water and snacks and the world’s your oyster.  You can be as adventurous as you like, from a stroll in the park to feed the ducks, to a ramble along the cliffs.

The beach yields hours of fun for little ones, just remember to pack extra clothing or an all-in-one waterproof suit and wellies (depending on the weather) for those visits to the beach.  Reins can also prove useful, allowing your tot some safe independence to explore the wonders of the seaside.

Home comforts

Holiday cottages are dotted all over the place, in unusual settings and quirky little places to explore, so you needn’t feel like one of the herd.  You can get out and explore new places knowing that you’ve got a comfy house waiting for you at the end of the day.

We know how much space the baby paraphernalia can take up in your car, so we’ve identified a selection of particularly ‘baby-friendly’ properties in The West Country that provide some of the essentials for little ones, enabling you to travel lighter.  If you need assistance finding a baby friendly holiday cottage, please contact us.  We know how important your family holiday is to you and how your needs will change and develop as your family grows.


This is a sponsored post from Classic Cottages

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