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If you’re thinking about a holiday in Turkey this summer, there’s plenty to see and do. Even if you have the children in tow, this delightful country has more than enough to entertain. The warm climate attracts visitors all year round and the culture, cuisine and combination of beaches and rocky, mountainous terrain keeps guests coming back year after year.

Datca market

If you want to sample the best of Turkey like the locals do, be sure to visit Datca market for an afternoon. Visitors can buy a range of herbs and spices, fruit and vegetables which are piled high just around every corner. If you enjoy Turkish Delight (or lokkum as it’s also known), this is the place to try it, since you can find it in every flavour you can imagine, either chocolate or sugar coated. Make sure you haggle too — it’s encouraged!

There is also an incredible array of super cheap street food — be sure to try Kokorech, lamb, roasted on a horizontal skewer with chopped tomato and green peppers in bread. It’s a Turkish twist on a kebab, and it’s delicious!

Mud baths in Dalaman

Mud bath yoga

Dalaman is on the south-western coast of Turkey in the Mugla Province. Guests can take a riverboat tour to Daylan for the day and whilst you are there, you must try one of the mud baths people flock from all over the world to visit. Where Dalyan Creek joins the lake, you can cover yourself in mud from the riverbed, which is said to exercise healing properties by aiding skin conditions and lessening breathing difficulties and circulation problems. It’s a lot of messy fun, the kids will love it and, best of all, it’s completely safe.

Just upstream, are the Sultaniye hot springs where you can wash off your body mask and relax and unwind— this part might just be for the Mums and Dads!

A boat trip in Bodrum

During your holiday in Turkey, you simply can’t pass up an opportunity to take a boat trip in the beautiful port city of Bodrum. It’s most well-known for housing one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World — Bodrum Castle — but the crystal blue Aegean Sea makes Bodrum Peninsula the perfect location for sun, sea and sand and a lovely holiday in Turkey. Take a trip to Karaad Island, a secluded beach stop just off the coast of Bodrum. Boats leave every hour and lunch is provided on the small boat jetty at the harbour. It’s a smashing day out for the whole family.


Visitors can fly to a number of airports in Turkey from the UK for a reasonable price. Don’t forget to check price comparison websites to make sure you get the best one.

Image by Rev Stan and yilmaz ovunc, used under Creative Commons licence

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