Guest Post – Winter Snow Holiday in Lapland

This is a guest post about a winter snow holiday to Lapland. You know, that place Father Christmas is from!  Read on for ideas…


Last year we took a fabulous winter snow holiday in Lapland, Ylläs.

Winter snow holidays are becoming more popular and I wanted to share with you all some highlights from our amazing winter trip. The trip included lots of different snow activities and gave us a real arctic experience, in between activities we had free time to do as we pleased, so really made the most of our time in Ylläs.

On our first day we went dog sledging; we started by visiting the huskies and were introduced to these majestic dogs, we picked up lots of interesting facts about what makes them good sledge dogs, and how they adapt to the cold temperatures. Before we went out with the dogs, we were trained on how to handle them and the basics of mushing. The dogs were really well trained (very friendly) and used to new faces taking them out. Once we felt confident handling the huskies, we went out on a 9-kilometre trek where we glided through the snow covered forest on a mini expedition, it was truly incredible and we passed through some stunning scenery, through deep forests and across frozen lakes.

The husky sledging experience was so peaceful; all we could hear were the sledge runners on the snow, and the crunch of the snow as the huskies paws bounded over the snow. When we returned from our sledging expedition we had a hearty meal back at the hotel and next tried our hand at ice-fishing, something we had heard a lot about. This was a totally new experience; we all sat around in our thermals with cups of warming hot chocolate fishing in the icy waters.

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The activity on our second day was a trip to reach the Lainio Snow Village via snow mobile. This was the best activity of the trip for me as I loved the independence and experience of riding through the glistening snow. The 65 kilometre return trip was certainly exhilarating and the settlement was remarkable. We covered up to 20,000 square metres on the snow mobiles and when we arrived at the village we were welcomed with a bowl of delicious homemade soup.

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The next day we went snow shoeing. This was arguably the best way to appreciate the utter stillness and tranquillity of Lapland’s unique wintery environment. During the two hour walk across the untouched snow, we managed to spot lots of different animal prints in the snow. Our tour guide helped us identify the creatures that had been skipping around before our arrival; we even got to see a few of the culprits face to face!

The Northern lights excursion was one of my favourite parts of the whole holiday. It is something I had wanted to see my whole life. We headed out on the snow-mobiles to an open, clear spot, where we set up a campfire and sat waiting for the Northern lights to flair across the sky. As we sat in this magical wonderland, bursts of colours appeared before our eyes, an experience I will never forget.

Northern Lights

On our last day we went cross-country skiing. We had a 90 minute lesson just to make sure we were all up to speed with the skiing techniques, as we had already skied before it was more of a refresher for us. Ski hire was included for the day so after our lesson we headed out to explore some of the trails which started from right outside the hotel door. After a fulfilling day exploring the trails it was time to say goodbye to this magical place. We would definitely recommend a winter snow activity holiday! 

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