Review Of Chime Long Resort, Guangzhou

I’ve mentioned Chime Long before, it’s had some rave reviews from friends as an easy weekend away with the kids from HK (2 hour train journey to Guangzhou). I still haven’t made the trip there but my friend Bec has just come back and here’s her review:

Chime Long, Guangzhou

After hearing so many great things about Chime Long, Guangzhou (http://www.chimelong.com/engroup/) from some of our friends, we finally decided to find out for ourselves if Chime Long was as good as everyone kept telling us. As I sit here writing this review, I think back to the wonderful time we had at Chime Long and I can honestly say that Chime Long is definitely worth the visit – it is truly a kids dream location!
Chime Long is a theme park resort located in Guangzhou, China. It consists of four parks in total – safari, waterpark, crocodile and adventure park (rollercaosters) plus an old style circus in the evening. From HK, the best way to get there is by train from Hung Hom Station. It is a very pleasant 2hour train ride in a VIP style train and tickets can be pre-booked at http://www.it3.mtr.com.hk/b2c/frmIndex.asp?strLang=Eng. From the train station in Guangzhou, catch a taxi to Chime Long which should cost about 60RMB. I would suggest taking a print out of the address from the website as we had trouble getting the taxi driver to understand us.
The Chime Long Resort is a five star resort and as a family of four, we stayed in the Hunter Room which was large enough to cater for us. I booked the hotel direct and the operator’s English was of a good standard. Each room contained a mini bar and free wifi was available in the resort. The pool at the hotel was lovely and when we were not at a theme park, we spent our time in the resort pool.
We spent three nights, four days at the resort which was the right amount of time for us. With a young family we were restricted by sleep times so we needed the extra time to ensure we spent enough time at the theme parks. We booked our tickets for the theme park at the hotel and the staff were extremely helpful ensuring that our needs were met. We visited the water park (2 day ticket) and the safari park and the kids had a great time at both.
I had heard varying reports on the standard of food at the resort but we thought the standard of food was very high. The room rate did not include breakfast and we ate at the breakfast buffet each morning. The Unicorn Restaurant is a great option for dinner with kids and the Butterfly Chinese Restaurant is worth a visit as well. There is defiantly a shortage of western food but when in Rome….
Chime Long is well worth a visit and is a dream holiday location for kids and adults alike!!



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  1. Cheryl

    Hi there, just wondering for a couple of adults how long would you recommend spending time there? thanks.

    1. Nicola

      Maybe 2 days and 1 night?

  2. Paul

    hi, once you reach the train station in Guangzhou, how does one get to the park? and how long does it take? Is it doable to stay in Guangzhou city and make a day trip to the Chimelong theme park? thanks

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