Inexpensive Destinations from Hong Kong – Guest Post from the HK Travel Blog!

Every Tuesday, I follow my favourite Hong Kong travel blogger with fervour as I await his comments on the weekly Cathay/Dragonair ‘fanfares’ (discounted rates).  It is only fair then that this Tuesday, I open my guest spot to him!  Take it away Chris from the Hong Kong Travel Blog:

I’m happy to be guest writing on Jetlag & Mayhem.  My name is Chris and I am an avid traveler and love trying to get the best deals for my trips which I share on my Hong Kong Travel Blog (http://www.hktravelblog.com).  Today I want to share with all the Jetlag & Mayhem readers some of the best, cheap destinations to visit from Hong Kong.

Inexpensive Destinations from Hong Kong

As you may suspect, mainland China provides numerous cheap destinations from Hong Kong.  Aside from the usual suspects such as Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou and Xi’an, there’s plenty of smaller cities which offer better bang for the buck and more culture.

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My favourite cheap, mainland destinations include:

  • Guilin (the village of Yangshuo specifically)
  • Kunming (the old town of Lijiang in Yunnan and the Shilin Stone Forest are nearby)
  • Chengdu/Chongqing (visit the Panda reserve)

HK Travel Blog

Outside of China, other cheap, nearby destinations include:

  • Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai, Thailand
  • Siem Reap, Cambodia

I had a great time in both Southeast Asian destinations, riding elephants and hiking in the forests in Chiang Rai, and climbing the breathtaking temples of the Angkor Wat complex.

Booking Cheap Fares
Cathay Pacific / Dragonair have been introducing weekly fanfares for the past few months, and you could score a cheap ticket to one of those destinations if your timing is right!  The fanfares are released every Tuesday morning at 8am HKT. Otherwise Hong Kong Airlines sometimes offers cheap fare sales as well.

If you’re looking for a Hong Kong based online booking site, TravelZen, Zuji and Priceline HK are also reliable alternatives.

I hope this article helps you and your family find a cheap and interesting destination for your next holiday!


  1. Jeniffer Vital

    Thanks Chris! These places quite new to me. I would surely like to visit is my, if ever I get the chance in my job. Photos clearly reflecting how peaceful these places are. 🙂

  2. kiaraajohnson

    I want to visit these places. Thanks for sharing the infomation about the places. 🙂

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