What Did My Kids Make Of Their Travels In 2014?

At Heathrow

Someone recently asked whether my kids would remember all the amazing places they’ve visited this year.  There was really only one way I could find out… by quizzing them!

Can you remember where you visited in 2014?

5yo: New Zealand, New Mexico, Thailand, Bangkok, Shanghai, London (think she was confusing Shanghai & Chengdu.. but correct country!)

Nicola in maxi dress - shrink

3yo: Hong Kong, London, China, Hong Kong 

Where was your favourite place to visit?

5yo: It has to be New Zealand because there was so many things to do!

Strawberry Patch

3yo: Babu’s house (that’s her grandpa’s house in London)

What was favourite thing to eat?

5yo: Chile in New Mexico

3yo: Pesto pasta (never had that abroad!)

What was favourite thing you did on holiday?

5yo: In New Mexico I loved swimming in the pool.

Tamaya Pools - Shrink

3yo: Eat on the airplane

What’s your favourite thing to do on an airplane?

5yo: Watch TV

3yo: Sleep

Virgin - bank of 3

Where would you like to visit next year?

5yo: Cambodia (super impressed with that!)

3yo: Cambodia (copied her big sister)

What do you love about traveling?

5yo: That we go all around the world and we meet different people who teach us their language so we can speak to them.

3yo: Understand if we speak people in Spanish and speak people in English except Sylvia.  (can’t really decipher that one)

What’s your best travel tip?

5yo: Never forget to pack clothes!

The 3yo had wandered off by this point.

Girls visiting Buckingham Palace


  1. Shobha

    adorable! I am going to have ask my kids what they think of their travels. They are a bit older (twins, aged 8) and I bet they say their favourite thing is still a pool.

  2. MummyTravels

    I’m with your five-year-old, Cambodia is definitely on my wishlist too! I love these answers, it’s so hard to know what children will remember – the highlight of my trip to St Lucia for my 2yo daughter was taking the nursery stuffed dog and going on a rocking chair. But I love sharing new experiences with her whether they last a lifetime or she’s forgotten by the end of the week 🙂

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