10 ways to tell you took a holiday WITHOUT the kids

  • You packed only hand luggage
  • You ambled around Duty Free spritzing perfume.  Maybe bought a moisturiser.
  • You watched a couple of movies and slept on the plane
  • After a full night’s sleep at your hotel, you woke up at 10am and were the last ones at the breakfast buffet
  • You read an ENTIRE book
  • You enjoy leisurely meals that don’t involve cutting up other people’s food
  • You take up advanced napping skills, by the pool.. in the room.. on the plane..
  • 5.30pm isn’t bathing irate toddler time.. it’s happy hour!
  • You have sex with your partner.  More than once
  • You arrive home from vacation rested, relaxed & can’t wait to spend time with the kids

Sri Panwa


  1. Tammy Allman

    Brilliant! tee hee…

  2. Alana H.

    Oh, and two more you should add to this list are:

    1. Your hair looks great and windswept in a nice way
    2. You actually had time to slap on some lotion on your face and body before heading down to hotel pool.

    Great blog!


    1. Nicola

      so funny! Yes to have time to do lotion is such a nice luxury…

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