6 Things That Annoy Me In A Hotel Room

When you’re staying at a luxury hotel, it should be a pleasure. It shouldn’t be an exercise in annoyance and journey into bad hygiene.  Yesterday I asked ‘what’s the first thing you do when you go into a hotel room?’  For me, it’s a race to check if there are any hairs on the pillow (a legacy of having spent many years living in hotels as a business traveler).  I got some great responses from readers including ‘have a gin & tonic from the minibar’, ‘peel back the mattress cover and look for bed bugs’ and ‘check all the drawers, even if I don’t use them’.

Shangri La - Bedroom - Shrink

Life’s too short to get too annoyed with shortcomings in your hotel room however, here’s what displeases me immensely…

  1. Finding rogue hairs on my pillow.
  2. Being unable to switch all the lights off. Whilst I don’t proclaim to be a rocket scientist, even I should be able to work out how to turn lights off in a hotel room.  However, hoteliers keep placing rogue lights in strange places like under the bed and those are the ones I can’t seem to switch off!
  3. Random flashing lights on appliances.  Some hotel rooms resemble a disco as soon as you’ve switched the lights off (if you can switch them off in first place, see no. 2).  Whether it’s the aircon, coffee maker, TV or alarm clock – something’s always flashing.
  4. Noisy neighbours and hotel parties that go on late into the night.  Not much you can do about this but advance warning from front desk, even on booking would be welcome.
  5. Insufficient hangers in the wardrobe.  I’m not going to steal them (well I probably am).
  6. Room keys that don’t work.  You know the rooms that you have to walk half a mile to get to. Those are the ones most likely to have room keys that don’t work.  Especially unpleasant when you have small, whining children and you all have to trek back to reception.

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  1. Ross

    The light switches really get on my goat. Very annoying when such an obvious thing is hard to find!

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