‘Babies Don’t Ski, No Reason To Bring Them To A Ski Resort’….

A few weeks ago, the weighty tome of literature that is the Daily Mail, printed an article about a couple who took their baby on a skiing holiday.  They received an anonymous complaint letter under their door that read:

‘Thanks for bringing a screaming baby to a ski resort and wak(ing) up everyone near your room several times during the night.  Babies don’t ski, no reason to bring them to a ski resort.  They should stay at home with family or a nanny’. (the letter was originally shared by the mother’s brother on his blog Dad On The Run).


Now I totally get it.  It’s rubbish to be woken up by my own kids, let alone somebody else’s screaming baby.  It’s even worse when you’re on holiday.  However, it’s not the parents who are at fault.  The hotel obviously allows babies as it let the parents book a room.  Furthermore, I’m sure in an ideal world the parents probably didn’t want to bring their baby on a ski holiday (a holiday that is a tad impractical for a baby). However, not everyone has access or money to pay for a nanny or family who will offer to look after a baby.  If I was regularly disturbed by a baby on holiday, I wouldn’t seek to blame the parents. I would ask management if I could move rooms.

That’s not to say there isn’t anything you can do as a parent.  It’s all about being considerate.  If I was taking my baby to a hotel, I probably wouldn’t pick a small guesthouse/boutique hotel with few rooms and a high chance of disturbing other guests.  In a big hotel, it’s fair game.  Finally, in all my years of hotel staying I have never actually been disturbed by somebody else’s crying baby.  The biggest noise making culprits are as follows:

  1. Bellowing air conditioning units that sound like a train hurtling into the station
  2. Drunk people stumbling past my room at an unearthly hour, shouting at the top of their voice
  3. Housekeeping clattering past with their big trolleys and the odd scream of ‘housekeeeeeping’. It’s not their fault, they’re just doing their job. But it is noisy.
  4. Other people’s TVs.  Nothing like paper thin hotel walls and listening to your neighbour’s nightly programme selection.
  5. The ‘biiiiing’ of the elevator.  This is my number one pet hate.  Why does the elevator need to have such a big noise to let us know it’s arrived?  Why can I hear it in my room?
Maxwell Hotel, Seattle - home of noisiest elevator bing...grrrr....

Maxwell Hotel, Seattle – home of noisiest elevator bing…grrrr….

To read the original letter and the response from the baby’s uncle, visit Dad On The Run

What do you think?  Were they right to bring their baby on a ski holiday?  Was it rude of their neighbours to write a letter?

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  1. trininista

    As you said, not everyone can afford a nanny.Travel and hotels are very public and you have to expect anything. I would be a bit put out, but it would not be a crisis. And babies can’t help it. They cry. lol.

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