Flying without kids!

I am trying to contain my excitement!  This weekend I’m ditching the kids and heading to Phuket for a long weekend with some girlfriends.  I was happily packing my suitcase (there’s actually room for me to include a pair of heels this trip) thinking how our worries change when we’re flying without the kids:


With Kids – Have I packed enough formula?  Can I get hold of my favourite brand in Thailand?

Without Kids – Wine is expensive in Thailand.  Do I buy a bottle in advance and pack in my suitcase?  Or do I just buy a bottle of vodka at the airport


With Kids – Will I get that bassinet seat in the bulkhead?  

Without Kids – Please make sure I’m sitting as far away from any children as physically possible


With Kids – Last minute sprint to the gate, stroller and Trunki in tow as you’ve been idly sitting in a cafe feeding the kids and doing nappy changes/toilet trips

Without Kids – Last minute sprint to the gate as you’ve spent too much time buying magazines, Duty Free, moisturizer and guzzling wine in the lounge


With Kids – Asking the air stewardess for constant milk refills, napkins to clear up vomit on the seat and apologising for a lunatic toddler running around the cabin

Without Kids – Asking the air stewardess for bloody mary refills.  Enjoying a film or a snooze


Some uninterrupted Bloody Mary induced snoozing!



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  1. Lj Ferrara

    LOVE IT! So looking forward to doing the same next week!

  2. jasbeeray

    I totally agree with “please seat me as far away as possible from children

  3. sherry

    This is my fave post to date. I was running this hypothetical debate in my head for weeks before I decided to take my eldest with me on a trip to Brisbane for a wedding. But the idea of a flight and week away children free really sounds like bliss now…too bad my tickets are non-refundable!

  4. Justine

    Love it! Enjoy your weekend away xx

  5. sojournsaf

    Peace and quiet at last.

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