Top 5 Travel Pet Hates

Qantas - flying over New Zealand

Seeing as I’ve spent most of my day travelling, I thought I would share my top 5 travel pet hates.

  1. In at the top spot at the airport – yes you with the laptop/ipad/kindle!  You know the drill at the security line.  Put your suitcase on the table and remove it.  Don’t saunter towards the x-ray machine only to turn back realizing you’ve forgotten to remove your electronics and we have to watch as you slowly rifle around your suitcase trying to find them.
  2. There’s a reason moving walkways are helpful – to speed up your journey through an airport!  So do me a favour and if you’re travelling in a party of two or more, don’t be a walkway hogger.  Single file only please, nothing more frustrating than navigating around stationery folks with huge piles of luggage whilst you’re dragging your hand luggage behind you.
  3. ‘Hmm, do I need my book with me?  Or just my laptop?  Oh and I mustn’t forget to take my moisturizer out my bag’.  Is this the internal monologue of the people who take ages stowing away their bags in the overhead locker?  You’re creating a bottle neck!  There’s plenty of time once the queue of people behind you are onboard to faff about with all your stuff.
  4. The wonder of immigration.  I always pick the wrong queue, be it those who have forgotten to fill in a landing card or are trying to seek political asylum.  Thank goodness for Hong Kong’s smart card immigration system (although I can only use that when I’m without my kids).
  5. And finally…  hotel key cards that don’t work!  I hate having to trudge crestfallen down to reception with all my luggage when I’ve attempted to get in my room at least 10 times.  You can never win the battle against a faulty key card.

Ok folks, rant over.  It’s been a long day.  Let’s leave it on a positive note – how good is being able to charge your electronics onboard!  Somebody stop me – I’m literally boring myself.

Just don't forget to bring your charger..

Just don’t forget to bring your charger..

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  1. Wendy at Tots

    yep I’m with you with the plane bottle neck – drives me crazy… and the key card that loses its coding as it’s sat next to your mobile phone in your card or some other such excuse… I miss real keys…

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