Benefits of Villa Holidays With Children

You all know I’m a huge fan of villa holidays – often working out cheaper than a luxury hotel.  Today, Panoramic Villas discusses the benefits of villa holidays with children!

Going on holiday especially if you are travelling abroad is never easy when you have children. There is so much to consider and arrange even just packing a Trunki becomes a military procedure. Renting a private holiday home for you and your family can help to make the whole process so much easier and enjoyable which in turn makes it more relaxing, which at the end of the day is everything every parent dreams of.

Panoramic - Large Family Holiday Villa

Large Private Holiday Villa, ideal for all the family


As you arrive at the villa there are no queues to deal with or flustered reception staff trying to check in two bus loads of newly arrived customers. Your villa gates will be open and the property representative will be waiting to meet and greet you. You will be shown round the villa and told how everything works. No waiting for an early morning orientation meeting the following day, with a tour rep who has been out partying all night, to find out what is happening.

If you are arriving late then a welcome pack can be easily arranged to ensure that there are breakfast items for the children so you don’t have to go looking for the nearest supermarket at 6:00a.m. Plus you can always request your favourite drink to be included to help you wind down after dealing with the airport procedures and keeping the children entertained on the plane.

Internal Facilities,

Villas can be hired with Cots and High chairs so no need to lug the travel cot around with you and pay for extra luggage with the airline. You have your very own fully equipped kitchen so whether it is time to prepare your babies bottle of milk or the children need a mid-morning snack then you have everything you would have it home. This ensures that you can quickly and easily deliver the food and drink to your hungry and thirsty tykes. No waiting for the hotel restaurant to open or running around trying to find somewhere to heat up the milk.  

Should the worst happen and there is a rainy day or two then the villas come with Internet so your little ones can be kept entertained with online games or shows downloaded from You Tube. The villas also come with DVD’s and CD players so they can watch their favourite film or listen to their music.  

At night the children can have their own rooms so there is no sleeping in Mum and dads bedroom, which helps everyone get a better night’s sleep.

External Facilities,

You have your very own private villa in its very own private grounds. The children are free to roam and explore and you are safe in the knowledge that you know where they are. If you are worried about the pool then book a villa with a Pool Fence. This segregates the pool from the gardens and terrace and the children can only gain access when you are ready to supervise and join in with them.

Holiday Villa with pool fence

Holiday Villa with pool fence

The Villas private pool is always the main attraction for the children and with a villa holiday you have your very own private pool. The adults don’t have to fight for sun loungers and the little ones have as much space in the pool as they want so everyone is happy. Those who are not confident swimmers can get time in the water without being splashed and swamped by other users and often come away from the holiday with a brand new level of confidence.

If you are travelling in the cooler months then you can select a Villas with a Pool heater. This makes sure that the kids still get to enjoy the pool even if the weather isn’t at its best.  

Older children, including the dad’s, can be kept entertained with table tennis, pool table, fussball, trampoline and many other games that the villa provides. Many hours can be spent with all the family enjoying some light hearted competition.

Villa with a Games Room

Villa with a Games Room

Certain villas also cater for the smaller ones with a sand pit and play house.

The enclosed grounds mean that the kids can run around for hours on end and happily wear themselves out and play whatever games they want without fellow hotel guests complaining.

Privacy and Security,

Obviously at all times parents have to be vigilant but you can relax your guard that little bit more with a villa holiday.   The gates and doors can be locked so that the children only go where you want them to. The private villa is exactly what it says it is, Private, so if you want to cut back on washing then you can let the children wear as little as they want to with no concerns. Obviously, bearing in mind the need for a good Sun Cream with a High SPF.

Large Private Villa Gardens

Large Private Villa Gardens

In the evening when you put the children to bed you can sit outside with family and friends and enjoy some adult company safe in the knowledge that your children are secure.   If they wake then you are just seconds away from them but far enough to be able to relax and relish the opportunity to find some you time.

Relax In Your Private Villa In The Evening

Relax In Your Private Villa In The Evening

All in all a Villa holiday provides a safe, secure, convenient, entertaining, private area in which to enjoy and action packed and fun filled family holiday. Once you try it you won’t want to do anything else.

Contact Panoramic Villas to find out more about their Child Friendly Villas or their Costa del Sol villas with heated pools and games rooms.

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