Bored of hotel rooms? Check out Airbnb

I know I’m late to the party but I have recently discovered a fantastic travel website where you can book unique accomodation as opposed to a standard motel room.

Airbnb lists millions of spaces for travellers to rent from entire homes to a private room or even a shared room.  Simply type in your destination, dates and away you go!

For us, it solved the travel dilemma of two families travelling together with young kids.  We were originally thinking about a hotel but hanging around in a darkened hotel room whilst your babies go to sleep is no fun.  When my friend said she’d found a 5 bed house in a Denver suburb for less than the cost of two hotel rooms, we knew that was the way forward.  Our rate also included a cleaning fee although some might charge extra for this.

Booking was easy, you are in direct contact with the host which useful as she needed to source an extra travel cot for us.  Similar to ebay, you are also able to see stats on the host from how quickly they respond to reviews of the accommodation.

Denver House

24 hours in advance of arriving, you are given a code for a lockbox on the property to pick up the keys or sometimes the keys might be with a neighbour/local store.  The lovely owner of our house had even left us a welcome pack including goodies to eat and information on local restaurants and parks.  Having spent a week sharing one motel room with my kids, we practically kissed the sink in carpets of this amazing house where everybody had their own bedroom, the open plan kitchen had an island (an island!), there was an enormous laundry room, toys and three living spaces including an all american rec room with table tennis.

I will definitely be using airbnb again and am intrigued to see what’s listed in my hometown of Hong Kong for when family and friends come to visit!

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  1. ETJ

    Hi Nicola, seems we are in the same part of the world. We are in Colorado, too! We also used Airbnb to rent a house in LA during our 7 day pit stop there before heading to Colorado to visit family. Airbnb is amazing and we will definitely be using it again!

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