Have You Got Pre-Holiday Tension (PHT)?

This morning I read a funny article in a UK tabloid.  According to the Daily Mail, people spend 18 days planning a 6 day holiday.  This seemingly stressful activity has been termed ‘Pre-Holiday Tension’ which can lead to such horrors as putting people off planning any holidays.  The DM even broke it down into 13 hours spent researching accommodation, 11 hours on transport and 11 hours shopping for your holiday.

Now I always take my Daily Mail articles with a pinch of salt (if you’re ever looking for entertainment, simply read the ‘Comments’ after any article).  However, this article did resonate ever so slightly.  I love planning my trips, it’s one of my favourite hobbies.  But even I can get a bit stressed out over it – never enough that I wouldn’t go on holiday again but perhaps enough that I’ll stop googling flight timetables and switch to reading the Daily Mail’s showbiz section instead.

Will I secure a bassinet? A big source of PHT

Will I secure a bassinet? A big source of PHT

The following 5 are probably my top sources of PHT (Pre-Holiday Tension thank you – I’ve self diagnosed)

  • Tripadvisor.  Too many reviews spoil the broth.  Have you ever reached the point where you’re 99% fixed on a hotel and then you read that one awful review where they mentioned an old pair of knickers they found in the bedding or that a dead body washed up onshore.  Enough to make you change your mind.
  • Regoogling (is that a word?) the flight price.  Just don’t do it.  Once you’ve booked, you’ve booked – no point driving yourself mad that you could have saved another $50 off your flights.
  • How am I going to survive the longhaul flight with small children.  Especially one that doesn’t stay still and likes to run up down the aisles.  But I guess that’s what phenergan is for.
  • Will anyone remember to pick me up from the airport?  I’ve been stranded enough times to know that you need to reconfirm your airport transfers on numerous occasions. There’s nothing worse than wandering around bleary eyed trying to spot your name on a nonexistent sign.
  • Is my itinerary going to work?  Have I planned too few days in one place and too many in the next?  Does it matter that I’m not doing a 4 hour detour to go and see an obscure tribe/close to extinct animal?

However, I live to travel.  Travel and going on holiday should bring you joy and holiday planning shouldn’t be such a chore.  All the resources available to you should make things easier and certainly leave you with fewer nasty surprises.  And if you find it tough and you despise every second of planning then use a travel agent and let them do all the hard work for you – that’s what they’re there for!

All that planning - totally worthwhile

All that planning – totally worthwhile


  1. Victoria

    Haaaa brilliant! I definitely have PHT!

  2. Wendy

    Just thinking of re-googling the airfare after the fact gives me the heeby geebies!

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