Holidays in a converted Church!

There are plenty of relaxing holiday options to take time out in. But if you’re looking for a true retreat why not go for something completely different? Somewhere with a historic past, unusual features and unique surroundings – a place with a special ambiance that encourages you to sit back and look at life from a different angle. Holidaylettings.co.uk suggests booking your next holiday in a converted church or chapel.  Many moons ago in my old life as a jetsetting management consultant, I was stationed in the glamorous British city of Coventry.  Instead of the usual Travelodge type accommodation, we were put up in a beautiful ex monastery with sumptuous four-poster beds and haunted bedrooms.  It was the perfect place to retreat to after a day of spreadsheets, workshops and spouting gobbledygook at our clients.  

One of the most appealing aspects about converted churches and chapels is their location, usually somewhere tranquil and often a place of beauty. Stunning natural scenery comes as a given with most converted chapel holiday lets – think majestic mountains, serene lakes and lush countryside. All perfect settings for quiet relaxation away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. And that’s just the outside.

chapel 1

Moving inside, many converted churches and chapels come with unusual features – stained glass, gothic windows and high, often pitched, ceilings – elements you’d never find in a conventional holiday let. And then there are the original fittings, ranging from choir stalls and lecterns to lych-gate entrances and cloisters.

chapel 2

They also ooze history. Some form part of large country estates, others take centre stage in small communities and some sit in remote locations. But they all form an essential part of the area’s past – sometimes going as far back as the sixteenth century.

This combination of history and architecture give converted churches and chapels a special feel to them. And in these centres built for tranquil reflection, you can really sense the peace in the atmosphere providing you with the perfect surroundings to leave the stress of daily life behind.

chapel 3

And staying in an ex-church or chapel doesn’t mean you can’t be comfortable – most conversions come with all the mod cons you need plus a list of luxury extras. Relaxation in a converted chapel can easily include seriously comfy beds, up-to-the-minute kitchens and for those who can’t quite leave real life behind, high-tech entertainment systems. Not to mention swimming pools, Jacuzzis, BBQs…

chapel 4

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