How To Identify The Perfect Family Friendly Hotel

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Nowadays more than ever, hotels are doing their very best to cater for the needs of families. For kids and parents alike, one of the greatest and most memorable parts of an adventure is where they reside for the duration of their holiday. Hotels can be incredibly cost-effective in providing a variety of discounts for families, and can also be a lot of fun when attached to certain package ideas or amenities. Here are a few considerations to take into account when trying to identify the perfect family friendly hotel:

  1. Amenities

Perhaps the most important consideration of them all is amenities. Does the hotel provide a family friendly swimming pool, a playground, movies, board games, or any other games or activities that will keep your little ones entertained? Furthermore, where is the hotel located? Are there views to wonder over, nearby amusement parks, a beach, kid friendly sporting spots, or anything else that they might enjoy? All of these things are guaranteed to keep your little ones, as well as yourself, feeling happy! Other things to consider are useful amenities such as baby changing facilities, space for a travel cot and kids menus.

  1. Discounts

Discounts are always a plus when travelling, but they’re especially appealing when travelling with kids and on a tight budget. Plenty of hotels offer some really great discounts such as package holiday deals, “children stay free” offers, discounted or even complimentary dinners and reductions on admissions to local activities and attractions. Let’s take a visit to Niagara Falls for example – when booking a Hotel in Niagara Falls to stay for a few nights, ensure that you find one of the many that offer discounted tickets to see the Falls and family adventure city passes that the whole family can enjoy.

  1. Services

Always a useful inclusion in any hotel is family friendly services. One of the most worthwhile of these services is that of a baby-sitting service that will come in very beneficial should you like some “me time” or a chance to explore and unwind with your other half. Other fantastic services include activities for kids run by the staff such as swimming lessons, excursions, cooking classes and art classes. Such activities really add that special touch as many hotels get to know the children’s names from their itinerary before they’ve even met them, and the kids often get to leave with something like a baked cake or a new skill!

  1. Rooms

The layout of your room is incredibly important, especially if you’ve got four or more people sleeping in it! Family friendly rooms should be large, spacious and practical. Suites are always a great option as they are spacious, and can often come with a kitchenette and extra bathroom. Other things to consider are whether the room is soundproof, does it include a bathtub and whether extra bedding such as a sofa sleeper is included.

And there you have it – four simple but very important considerations to think about when travelling as a family! With so many great options out there available in family friendly hotels, you really can cater to yourself and your loved ones in a variety of ways. Happy travelling!

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