Road Trip Spreadsheet Time!

As an ex management consultant, I do love a spreadsheet.  It is essential to my annual road trip planning and is an easy way to keep track of your route.  


I turn to the fountain of all travel knowledge, Tripadvisor, for many of my hotel and activity questions. I am often blown away by the useful responses I get from my questions in the forums.  In fact, one kind person pretty much mapped my route out for me!  

My husband is in charge of the ‘Restaurant’ section.  This involves many hours spent watching Man Vs. Food episodes and lurking on Chowhound.  

In the ‘Activity’ section it is also useful to include opening hours of the attractions you want to visit.  Or you might end up at Seaworld on the one day it closes.  Like me.

In addition to my spreadsheet, I have a folder that contains printouts of:

  • Passports/Visas
  • Insurance/Banking details
  • Flight tickets
  • Car Hire
  • Hotel confirmations
  • Mapquest routes to each destination (this is to supplement the Sat Nav in the car)

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