Thoughts On Hong Kong’s International Travel Expo

Last weekend was the Hong Kong International Travel Expo.  It’s been a while since I’ve visited a travel expo and this was my first in Hong Kong.  I thought it might be a good place to gain inspiration on where we should all be visiting and exciting news from the world of travel.  Here’s what I gathered:

  • Expos are great for stocking up on free pens
    Travel Expo - Pens
  • If you attend an Expo during the last few hours on the final day, you might find jaded, tired or even non-existent exhibitors
  • There’s lots of people clutching printed bags from tour operators, airlines etc.  You soon get over the excitement of being handed a free bag when you realise there’s only a leaflet and a fan inside.
  • Everybody loves a mascot and wants their photo taken with one. Even if you can’t quite work out exactly what the mascot is representing…
  • Hong Kong’s ITE was of course very geared towards the Asian market – the most popular stands being the casino exhibitors.
  • There’s a huge amount of money to be made in Korean wedding photography!  Who knew that you could visit Korean & Taiwanese wedding photo theme parks to have your photos taken in advance of the big day.

    The wedding exhibitors

    The wedding exhibitors

  • It is fantastic to see so many people getting inspired on where to go next on their travels.  I was at the Seychelles stand listening to visitors ask where on earth the Seychelles were and why they should visit.  If a travel expo gets someone out of their comfort zone to discover new places then I count that as a huge success.
  • There were some odd looking lectures in progress including this one on ‘Jeju Self Driving: Coastal Beauty’ (although as far as I could tell, they were mainly showing video footage of a motorway)
    Travel Expo - Lecture
  • People love free stuff.  I was attracted to a rather big bowl of pistachios before I realised that the exhibitor was an Iranian Tour Operator.  Although a 14 day ‘Treasures of Persia’ would no doubt be fascinating, Iran is not high up on my bucket list for family travel.


Have you ever visited a Travel Expo?  Did you find it useful?

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