What kind of travel parent are you?

Hard to remain relaxed at a chic-a-bloc T3 Virgin Check-in

Despite dishing out the travel advice, I often find myself looking enviously at other parents sauntering effortlessly through airports.  Have you spied any of these types? Where do you reckon you fit in?


You’ll find her in wedges, white jeans (no stains on her), immaculately glossy hair with a couple of glossy kids in tow.  Sunglasses perched on top her head, it’s likely they’re off to somewhere stylish in Bali.

Meet Laura, aka 'the stylish one'


I always spy this one at the gate, her kids sitting neatly in a row whilst she’s doling out snacks and activities that have been organised into clear plastic bags.  She’s busy checking everyone’s ok and always has just the right amount of hand luggage.


She’s wandering around the airport with a brand new bubba hanging delicately from her Baby Bjorn. Looking slightly fraught at the flight ahead but excited to go on baby’s first adventure.  She won’t realise it now but that the is the best time to travel – no toddler on the move, a baby that can fit in the bassinet and who also only costs 10% of the ticket.


Fisherman pants, friendship bracelets, hair in braids and that’s just the parents.  This lot are wandering around the airport half way through an around the world travel adventure. Whilst the parents are huddled over the Lonely Planet, the kids are happily sitting at their feet playing backgammon off a set bought in some exotic market.


I think this is where I fit in.  Hurrying my children along, furiously checking the departures board in case there’s been a last minute gate change and anxiously checking our passports and tickets are still in the pocket.  I can never truly relax until we are all sitting on the plane and the captain’s announced we are ready for take off.

Me... harassed but loving it!



  1. Amelia

    What a fun, cute article! And so true to travel parents! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Kids Are A TripKirsten

    Great post! I try to be the organized mom, but sometimes my efforts are a major fail!

  3. The Adventure Ahead

    I would definitely be the harassed parent! Such a cute post 🙂

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