Tunisia Time!

I get green with envy when Ortal disappears off on her exotic North African adventures.  Here she reveals all about her trip to Tunisia with her family.
Tunisia - Ortal & Vincent

Every Easter for the last few years Dad has taken us diving in Dahab, Egypt.  This year we voted on a new destination and ended up in Hammamet, Tunisia!
I really wasnt sure what to expect, especially with my 21 month old son in tow. However, all i can say is GO!

Getting There
British Airways fly direct from Gatwick and booking in advance makes it super cheap!!!

We rented a house in Hammamet Yasmine, which is essentially ‘new’ hammamet where all the residents of Tunis seem to have a second home ( i would, its  only an hour from the capital!).  The house (found online after a lot of google searching) had 5 bedrooms a big lounge, large kitchen and a garden with a pool.  April was a bit fresh for swimming outdoors but a hotel two minutes away (next door to the boulongerie) allowed non guests to use their indoor pool for the equivalent of a few pounds.

Old Hammamet is a beautiful medina town of cobbled streets with ramparts and a lot of stalls!!!  My son safely ran round and round and round and round….


Yasmine hammamet could have been more perfect, a large promenade, harbour which left like southern france, horse and carriages trotting round which made walking very far tricky as we had to look at the ‘horsey horsey mummy’.

Tunisia Promenade

About half the resturants we went in had high chairs and yes i even managed to find a soft play ‘Ali baba land’.

Tunisia Softplay

We (not my dad, just my brother, sister and son) ventured out for a big day trip.  With every cab we hired we requested and got a child seat!!!!  We started off at the National Museum – what a treat for me the history teacher!!!! A collection of roman antiquity only rivaled in italy suposedly and housed a purpose built, bright and airy museum so my son happily ran round and round and round and round… and no one batted an eye lid!!!
Then it was off to Carthage (we now have a camel toy named after the site!), a large archeological site with a very quaint museum which was just lovely to stroll round and drink in the atmosphere.

Tunisia Carthage Last stop was Sidi Bou Said further along the coast orginally founded by Andalusians and truly ‘mignon’ as the french would say and famous for its blue architecture.

Tunisia Sidi Bou Said This was a very child friendly holiday and other than the supermarket being a but too basic (good excuse to eat out) there wasnt anything we didnt have!!!

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