Skiing in Lech, Austria with a three year old

This is exciting, Jetlag & Mayhem’s very first Austria post!  Many thanks to Sandra for her review of her annual ski trip to Austria:

Austria 4

Who: 2 adults and 1 three year old
When: March 9 – March 17th.  This was our second trip to Lech, Austria.  We had gone the previous year over Christmas but I highly recommend early spring vs. deep winter because days are longer the temperatures are milder and the weather in general is much better with beautiful sunshine days and clear skies.  In December it snowed a lot, with many windy days so my kid was not really happy to go outside (could be reaction of HK raised child as opposed to somebody based in colder climate!).  Also, the roads are clear, the ski bus runs on schedule and in general it’s a pleasure to have lunch/apres ski drinks outside.



Lufthansa Economy flight to Munich then rented a car (Budget car rental) and drove down to Austria.  We booked the flight online via Lufthansa website.  Approx. driving time to Lech, Austria from Munich Airport is 3.5 hrs.


We stayed at the Hotel Austria where we always book the one bedroom apartment.  This gives you a nice open living room with a small kitchenette and a pull out sofa, plus of course the bedroom.  Our kid slept in the living room on the pull out sofa, which is actually quite large (easily accommodates 3 adults!)

Austria 2

The hotel is absolutely your home away from home.  Extremely kid friendly, separate menus for kids, teddy club (free of charge attended playroom where children over 3 can be left for the whole afternoon, have dinner there (a minimal EURO 10), with a mini cinema room, video games room for older kids and fussball table.  In addition, adult and child pool area (separate), massage, spa, gym etc.  The adult pool has a huge panoramic view.  It opens towards a beautiful terrace in summer time.


The breakfast buffet has a variety of healthy options (cereal bar, freshly squeezed juices) as well as cold cuts and cheeses.  A hot station provides warm cheese and ham sandwiches and of course eggs prepared as one wishes.  Kids can ask for hot chocolate, tea/coffee for adults.

Lunch has limited options – there is a standard menu however for a quick bite.

Dinner – served every night with a rotating menu.  It consists of a large salad bar followed by a main course (choice of 2-3 dishes including vegetarian options) plus dessert.  Delicious. Usually at least one night during a week’s stay they have an Austrian fondue night – yum!


Austria 1Of course the main activity is skiing.  Gorgeous downhill and cross country tracks with perfect snow from beginning of December to almost mid April.

Children 3 and above go to ski school for either half day or full day programme.  The hotel provides a shuttle (train car) to take the kids from the hotel to the ski school.

There is a wealthy of activities during the summer time, according to the hotel’s website.  The Arlberg bus (connects all the ski resorts in the region) can easily bring skiers and tourists to a different resort during the day.  Taxis and horse cart rides will provide the same, also at night-time!

Top Tips

  • Book early
  • Babysitting is relatively cheap, by Western standards.  Young students who work as ski monitors during the day offer their services via specialised agencies in the evening for as little as EUR 12/hr




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