Texas Road Trip 2012 Part 6: Houston

I had been warned that Houston was one big traffic jam and so we decided to finish with one night there and extend our stay in our prior destination, San Antontio.

Our real reason for visiting Houston was to go to NASA’s Space Center.  The drive from San Antonio to Houston is approx. 3.5 hours.  Be prepared for traffic as soon as you hit Houston’s outskirts.

The Best Western Downtown Inn & Suites is a great choice.  We shared one bedroom which was large and clean.  The hotel staff are friendly and there’s a free drinks/food buffet between 5-7pm every day.  This is useful for those arriving with hungry kids and they gave me fresh milk for the baby and set up the travel cot quickly.  You can read my Tripadvisor review here.

Space Center Houston
Visiting NASA was a fabulous way to end our 2 week Texas adventure.  The Space Center is approx. 40 mins drive from downtown Houston.  To save money on admission either book tickets online or pick up a leaflet at your hotel.  Plan to spend half a day here.

There are plentiful exhibits, interactive areas and tours.  We started with the tram tour, a behind the scenes look at Nasa’s operations which included visits to the real life Mission Control and the astronaut training facility. The tour lasts approx 45 mins and you can’t take strollers in the buildings.  If needed, there are elevators or else it can be lots of stairs.

Young kids will love the Kids Space Place, essentially a space themed softplay.

The Living In Space show was fascinating and managed to hold my 3 year old’s attention although my baby crawled off.

We saw Mission to Mars in the Blast Off Theatre.  I wasn’t sure how long the show would be so I bought some grapes in the Food Court to try to quiet the kids during the show but it didn’t really work.  We ended up watching most of it hovering at the side of the theatre allowing the baby to crawl up & down the chairs.

There is a Food Court within the Space Center, or you can eat one of the usual US fast food chains nearby.  You can’t come to Texas and not hit up a Whataburger, Texas’ own version of McDonalds.  Burgers are pretty good and you can order a grilled cheese & apple slices for kids meals.

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