A Guide To Britain’s Hidden Gems

If you live or have holidayed in the UK, you’ll know that the place is absolutely chocablock with amazing places to discover, from beautiful parks to fabulous museums.  I was asked to contribute a ‘hidden gem’ to an Interactive Map which will reveal some people’s favourite places and hopefully provide you with some inspiration on where to go.

I thought long and heard about where I would suggest.  Then I remembered a fantastic museum I visited over the summer that I hadn’t been aware of, despite growing up in London.  Tucked away near London Bridge is the Old Operating Theatre & Herb Garret.  This little museum is a fascinating place filled with medical curios and an array of herbs.  It is one of the most unusual museums in London, and is the oldest operating theatre in Europe.

Old Operating Theatre - Skeleton

The museum is split into two parts.  The first part has the Old Operating Theatre (Europe’s oldest), a display of scary looking medical equipment from olden times and perennial children’s favourite – body organs in jars.  The second part features interesting displays on herbs that were used for St Thomas’s Apothecary.  You can even learn how to roll pills using playdough.  There’s also a kids activity station with crayons, colouring in sheets, books and puzzles to play with.  I would recommend the museum for kids age 6+.  It’s not massively stroller friendly as you need to access the museum by a small windy staircase.  Once you’re finished at the museum, take a stroll to nearby Borough Market with lots of delicious treats on offer.

Old Operating Theatre - Weighing scales Old Operating Theatre - Herbs

If you’ve got a hidden gem, why not take 5 minutes and share it on the Interactive Map.  Who knows, you might also discover some places to visit for yourself!

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  1. Wendy at Tots

    Very interesting – I lived in London for 11 years and missed so much… on my list for things to do with the girls next time we are there…

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