A Trip to Gulliver’s World, UK With Pre-Schoolers

Today it’s over to my sister Georgina to tell you about her recent trip to the UK’s Gulliver’s Land Theme Park.

Gulliver's World Theme Park

I’ve been meaning to go to Gulliver’s World for a while.  Just up the M1 (junction 14) in Milton Keynes, not too pricey, and lots for little ones to do.  As my daughter starts school in September, we decided to head there for the day while we can still do fun things on weekdays during term-time.  


We booked online several days ahead to get a small discount.  I was a bit confused by all the options.  At the Milton Keynes site (there are others in Warrington and Matlock) you can buy tickets for each of the different parts of the park, as follows:

Gulliver’s Land theme park – the main part of the park, with all of the rides

Splash Zone – an indoor splash area

Dinosaur & Farm park – animals and dinosaurs for children to explore

Nerf Zone – an indoor adventure for children aged over 6

Sfear – an attraction for children over 1.2m that tests their balance and nerve.  

We didn’t really look at the Nerf Zone and Sfear, and we booked tickets to Gulliver’s Land Theme park.  It gave us the option to upgrade our tickets with Dinosaur & Farm park entry for a small fee, so we did so (even though we didn’t end up going on the day).  We also booked timed entry tickets for the Splash Tots Paddle and Play Session in the Splash Zone.  

Getting there

Gulliver’s is just off junction 14 of the M1.  It is signposted but some of the signposts simply have a fairground picture rather than naming Gullivers, so it’s easy to miss it.  There was easy, free parking at the site.  

What we did

The park was easy to enter via Main Street, and then separates out into smaller lands.  The great thing about it is that there are plenty of rides to go on, but it is really easy to navigate.  There are height restrictions on some of the bigger, faster rides, but there was nothing that my (tall) 4 year old couldn’t go on.  Our favourites of the faster rides were The Python and the Log Flume.  Out of the slower rides, we enjoyed the Jungle River Ride, Gulliver’s Railroad Main Station.  There are also plenty of play areas.  The park was very quiet on a weekday term-time day so we didn’t have to queue for a single ride.  

Gulliver's World Ride

We arrived at 10.30, went on a few rides, and then had a quick lunch in the Food Court, which had a selection of fast food, jacket potatoes and sandwiches.  

After lunch we headed over to the Splash Zone for the Splash Tots session.  You have to exit the main part of Gulliver’s Land, but it’s a short walk across the car park to get to the Splash Zone.  It also means that you can just return to your car to grab all of your swimming stuff.  

At the Splash Zone we paid a £2 refundable deposit for a locker key, got the kids changed, and they ran off to play in the water.  I was really impressed with the session, they lower the water pressure for the little ones and there are plenty of things for them to run along and play in, and lots of slides.  Most of the parents were sat along the sides watching, but you can enter the Splash Zone (just take your shoes off and prepare to get a bit wet) and there were some parents in swimsuits with younger children.  

We headed back into the main part of Gulliver’s Land for a few more rides and then headed off home with two tired, happy children in the back of the car.  

Top tips:

  • Book a few days in advance to get the best rate
  • Keep your swimming things in the car if you’re visiting the main part of Gulliver’s Land and the Splash Zone, as you’ll pass through the car park to get in between them.  
  • Take a change of clothing regardless of the weather.  We got wet on a few rides and it would have been better if I had taken some spare clothes for my daughter.  
  • Keep your valuables on you, in your pockets or a small bag, and then all other general belongings in a big bag.  It felt pretty safe so we just left our big bag by the side when we went on the rides, although that was all obviously at our own risk.  They do have lockers available on site.  

Overall impressions

A really great day out for us and the little ones.  Easy to get to, not too expensive, and small enough to do most of the rides in one day.  I didn’t see many (if any) amusement park games. Visit if you can, and even better, go during term-time to beat the crowds!

Gulliver's World

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