Holidaying in the UK – Must Have Items

It’s Friday which means it’s time for a bit of fun. This is my entry post into the holidaycottages.co.uk UK holiday must-haves competition.  Basically things that I think you need to take when holidaying in the UK.  Having spent every summer down in Dorset, I’m basing this list on things I would take on a good old British seaside break…

Cornwall at its finest

Cornwall at its finest


  1. Umbrella, I don’t want to sound pessimistic but you have to be prepared
  2. Welly boots (thanks to Peppa Pig for making splashing about in muddy puddles acceptable!)
  3. Ordnance survey map and compass.  Some seriously good geography geeking to be happening in the UK.
  4. Multitude of crisps, preferably with lots of salt & vinegar in there.
  5. My mum and dad – a goldmine of information from stately homes to nature walks.
  6. Bucket & spade and a fishing net for rock pooling.
  7. Expandable trousers following all the pub lunches and clotted cream teas I will be eating.
  8. Teabags
  9. Picnic hamper & blanket
  10. Stripy deckchairs

Gosh all this makes me want a 99!

A 99 ice cream by the seaside

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